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Mothers Day 2011: Mariah Carey Celebrates with Twins!

Posted by on May 8, 2011 at 11:37 AM EST

mariah careyMariah Carey is celebrating her first Mother’s day as a proud mom as she just gave birth to twins last weekend.

Mariah Carey should be celebrating Mothers Day 2011 right now by receiving a nice breakfast in bed from husband, Nick Cannon. This year, Carey will be celebrating today as a proud new mother being that she gave birth to twins last weekend. Hopefully Mariah is relaxing all day while Nick takes pampers her.

As far as the status of the Mariah Carey – Nick Cannon twins go, X17 reports that while they are hooked up to oxygen still, they are doing extremely well. Carey gave birth to Moroccan and Monroe two weeks early so she will remain in the hospital until the babies are cleared to go home. I am sure that Nick will celebrate Mother’s Day by spending time in the hospital with his baby mama and two beautiful babies.

We here at Robot Celeb want to wish Mariah Carey a Happy Mother’s Day 2011 as well as every other mother out there. Today is your day so make sure you are treated like royalty.



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  1. nice another 10 year old porn shot-why doesn’t anyone show her today as a mother-we know the C-section was all scheduled out to be the best time for Mariah anyway-like she was going until next year to get the full mother treatment-I don’t think so-C-section on her Anniversary then her rehash wedding freak show and all ready to demand full mothers day perks-so will the kids have to go thru the mrs havershum wedding nghtmare every year on their Birthdays? I know its your birthday kids but its MY day first because I want to beat a once in a lifetime moment into a freak show by demanding to to be treated like a bride every freakin year-yeah the kids will love that-besides they are on oxygen and in an incubator because after 2 years of being preggo somehow her babies are premature-obviously Maraih demanded the C-section and it was obviously better for the babies if they where still in the womb otherwise they would be healthy and at home right now-and don’t be idiots the hospital staff is taking care of their babies and they get them brought to them a couple a times of day till hold until the babies need something then the nurses do it-besides Marih is taking full advantage of the in house pharmacy-really she wasn’t going to do actual labor ya know she is downing the oxy right now which will be her excuse not to breastfeed-for someone who flaps her gums about wanting kids it sure has been all about her so far

  2. U are the mariah-carey

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