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Dexter Season 6 Spoilers

Posted by on May 7, 2011 at 3:02 PM EST

dexter season 6The first promo clip for Dexter Season 6 has arrived.

Looking for Dexter season 6 spoilers? While this brand new promo clip doesn’t contain any apparent spoilers [other than Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) screaming which is clearly taken from the first season] it does give a nice little tease as to what is in store for everyone’s favorite serial killer, Dexter! (Michael C. Hall) Coming off of last season’s roller coaster ride of bloody, emotional, serial killer love, people can’t help but wonder if Lumen (Julia Stiles) will reappear during Dexter Season 6.

With the tag line “This Fall, Hell Breaks Loose” fans are surely going to go into a bloodthirsty frenzy over Dexter Season 6. Let the speculations begin as we all wonder what in the hell is going to happen next. Will Debra finally get axed? Will Dexter be caught? Will Lumen return? Check out the brand new promo video for Dexter Season 6 and keep an eye out for any spoilers that may leak.

Dexter Season 6 Promo Trailer:

After you watch the trailer, comment below with your thoughts on what is going to happen next season on Showtime’s hit show, Dexter.

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  1. Wooo new Dexter! my favorite friendly neighborhood serial killer.

    • OMG, it looks mint. will deb die in this one? i wonder do excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Will Deb finally be axed? lol, interesting phrasing! We can only hope – we’ve waited long enough.

  3. Isn’t this a season 5 trailer? They don’t mention it……

    • it was released by Showtime as a season 6 tease. I am pretty sure they left clips out of season 5 because it hasn’t been released on DVD yet.

    • agree! I am pretty sure this is a season 5 trailer not only was it not mentioned but the scream in it was from Julia Stilles

      • it was debra. from season 1

  4. I adore Deb. She ain’t goin’ anywhere. Can’t wait for season 6!

  5. Whatever happens, I hope it washes the taste of Season 5 from my mouth. What a letdown.

    • seriously


  7. ye why was he getting cut, could it be a dream? i think it is

  8. Deb isn’t gonna die. It would be stupid to kill her off. Her saying “Oh my god, oh my god” in the video doesn’t mean anything… Deb is amazing so stop waiting for her to die and enjoy the fucking show.

    • Killing off Deb would be 100x worse than killing Rita. Deb, despite her flaws, is the moral center of the show and Dexter’s lighter half. Whether or not she’ll find out about Dexter’s serial killing habits is what makes the show intriguing (in fact, it’s practically the only thing the show that’s actually interesting anymore).

      • Well, it is entirely possible for them to kill Deb off. If she is the lighter side of Dexter, then if they kill her off Dexter will go into a frenzy; hence, all hell breaking loose.

  9. What is there left to see? Dexter making bad calls on his kills which gets him in trouble to the point where he almost gets caught. For sure the kids are gonna be in season 6 since they want to spend the summer with Dex. So that only leaves us with the impression that it’s going to be a hot summer in Florida and maybe something happens to the kids. Whatever does happen, though, I really can’t wait!!!

  10. cant wait till dex comes back to our screens in sept?
    yep you heard right!!
    the show is totally intreging
    and alot of viewers will agree
    as for debra i like this witty girl
    with ahold load of fucking saying??
    she got balls!!
    as for dexter himself come one ladys
    and guys? hes one of a kind?
    would love to have a cop like that in strathclyde police dept!!
    yep totally??
    well enjoy dexter series 6 part 1
    coes iam gonna enjoy it!!!

  11. Maybe it will be a bit like the books and the kids darksides will come out ! No way can Debra get killed off.

  12. If they kill Deb off the shows done. Without her Dex would have a meltdown. No Deb no Rita not happening. They keep him sane so unless they bring Lumen back Deb isn’t going anywhere, but that wont happen. As for the show I can’t wait Sept. is to far away for me. They will keep making it interesting.


  14. So… I really don’t think it was the Trinity killer that got Rita, maybe we will finally know who killed Rita. And despite Deb’s foul mouth, she is a very important part of the show.
    I hope Dexter get’s control of himself this season and has NO slip up’s, I mean he had way too many close calls in season 5. He needs to also be around more as a dad.

  15. I think Dexter will finally admit that he is gay! That’s wat I’m hoping for, anyways…….

    He will also get a sex change so he can be lesbian with Deb!!!

  16. Read the books folks! Deb knows about Dexter. And what he is! Kill Deb and you might as well kill Dexter!

  17. Why the fuck would the writers kill off Debra? She’s a key character to the entire series, thats his sister!!! How would you script killing his wife and sister?

  18. Maybe … Dexter is forced to kill Lumen when she wants to tell. And besides, she knows how he acts and can defend. Then, there’s a lot of play, I think. I bet for it, and within a year we talked. XD

  19. What is up with the F word?? Deb’s favorite, and many of the followers of Dexter..Dexter won’t ill Lumen (she is coming back) She’s going to be his love interest..Maybe he’ll get some real feelings, at least down there..smle

  20. Mike c hall and jennifer carpenter got divorced irl so they may have to write her out, get dexter busted or killed. MCH wants to do something different now. They just have to tie up the loose ends in season 6 so they can end the series. It’s a shame too. This is currently my fav tv program.

  21. Debra will figure out Dexter is a serial killer.

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