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Official Taylor Swift “Mean” Music Video

Posted by on May 6, 2011 at 10:21 PM EST

taylor swift mean music videoTaylor Swift just released her brand new music video for “Mean.”

Want to watch the Taylor Swift – Mean music video? Swift has just released the brand new video and fans are ecstatic about the up-beat song from her platinum selling “Speak Now” album. In the video, we find Taylor Swift in all her glory as a damsel in distress. Watch on as Swift sings her tribute songs to bully’s all around the world. Speaking of bullies, the topic has come up recently with Justin Bieber and Casey Heynes (YouYube Bully Hero). With both Bieber and Swift taking a stand against bullies, we just might be in for a revolution!

I just watched the music video for Mean by Taylor Swift and fans of hers will definitely love it. Swift dawns a similar get up that she wore while performing at the 2011 ACM Awards and looks absolutely gorgeous in the new video. Below you can get your first look at the brand new Taylor Swift video and as always, comment with your thoughts and opinions.

Official Taylor Swift – Mean music video:



(5) Readers Comments

  1. Best music video ever.

  2. whats up with the kid at the end? nothing worked out for her…

    • HAHAHAHAHA, my thoughts EXACTLY.
      It’s like Taylor Swift lives in this happy little fairy tale world where all the good and pure people in white dresses get what they want and the douchey guys end up dirt poor. It isn’t true. Not one bit.
      Still a nice video.

  3. Awesome video.. and to answer ur ? ‘Name’ the little girl got too see Taylor perform. that would be JIZZTASTIC too see!!! 🙂

  4. he girl was joey king duh. the girl who played ramona in romana in beezus

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