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Blake Shelton Tweets, Miranda Lambert Parties

Posted by on May 6, 2011 at 5:08 PM EST

miranda lambert blake sheltonBlake Shelton is surrounded by controversy stemming from some recent homophobic tweets.

While Miranda Lambert and her closest girlfriends pack their hats and head to Louisville, Kentucky to enjoy the Kentucky Derby festivities and to throw her a bachelorette party her fiancé Blake Shelton finds himself defending some homophobic remarks he made on Twitter.

Blake Shelton is a certified star in country music, but he got a harsh lesson in reality this week when he found out there is a big difference between being a country music star and being a star on one of the hottest new shows on TV. Shelton, for those who may not know, is one of the four “coaches” on the new hit show The Voice. On the show the coaches all pick singers to be on their team. They will help mold these singers into better performers as they battle it out against singers from the other coach’s teams with the winner getting a record deal and some cash. The catch is that they have to pick the singers based on the sound of their voice alone. They don’t get to see what they look like until they choose them.

Shelton is joined on the show by Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera. The Voice has been applauded for being gay friendly and embracing people of all walks of life. Shelton himself has been funny, charismatic and charming on the show which is why his tweet a few days ago caused such a stir. In the tweet Shelton said he was remaking the Shania Twain hit song “Any Man of Mine” but changing the lyrics to : “Any man that tries to touching my behind, he’s gonna be a beaten, bleedin, heaving kind of guy.” He was quickly attacked by a lot of angry tweeters including a reply form GLADD that read “No @Blakeshelton – violent, anti-gay statements are not what a woman wants. Apologize now.” Clearly they too are playing song metaphor game as their tweet refers to the Christina Aguilera hit “What a Girl Wants.”

Blake Shelton apologized and said it was a misunderstanding and that it wasn’t meant that way. In a way his apology was a little bit back handed. He told people that he loved everybody and that they should go look for a real victim and leave him out of it.

I have a feeling NBC jumped in on this because Shelton ended up adding “@glaad hey I want my fans and @nbcthevoice fans to know that anti-gay and lesbian violence is unacceptable!!!!” Glaad accepted the apology and forgave him.

Just to keep in the theme of using song tiles and lyrics in this dispute, it looks like the resolution will allow Miranda Lambert to enjoy the horse racing and partying this weekend. She won’t have to rush out to LA where Blake Shelton is filming The Voice and use Gunpowder & Lead to save him from a mob of angry gay men. . . okay that was cheesy and lame, but it is Friday after all.



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  1. Again people keep leaving out the part where Blake said that the song was written from a woman’s point of view. Once he realised that people were taking his tweet out of context he clarified the tweet. He also apologiged for the misunderstanding once the blogoshere went nuts. When I read his tweet, I thought nothing of it since it was a Shania song and she was telling off a guy. How is this a gay issue. I think GLAAD was very quick to think the worst of him.

  2. Actually, we have discussed that Blake could very well be gay himself. Could it be he is making fools out of others. They say he smooches on males to embrrass them, but who am I to say. Being in Country Music he would never come out and ruin his career or image as a lady’s man. The gay men I know have many female friends, maybe more so than male friends. He has remarked he and Miranda have a strange relationship.

    • Woah you are a little bit weird ! What you just said, made you look like an idiot.

  3. people chill out idk what the big deal is .
    blake sheltion is funny . i am a big blake shelton fan .

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