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Hines Ward: DWTS 2011 Winner, LAPD’s Most Wanted

Posted by on May 6, 2011 at 4:37 PM EST

hines ward lapdHines Ward is not only topping the scoring leaderboard on Dancing with the Stars, he is also on the LAPD most wanted list.

Well, at least that must have been what it felt like when Hines Ward, the Super Bowl MVP winning NFL star was taken out of a car at gunpoint.  The incident took place at around 1:30 am Thursday morning. Ward and a female companion were driving in North Hollywood when they were stopped by the police. The two were in the woman’s Honda Civic. A police officer saw the car, ran the plate and it came back as being a stolen car. The police pulled the car over and removed Ward and his companion at gunpoint, handcuffed them and held them while the matter was resolved. All of this is standard procedure for a felony car stop.

At first Hines Ward thought he was being Punked (a reference to Ashton Kutcher’s all but forgotten MTV show), but then realized it was all too real. Luckily, Ward won’t need Dog the Bounty Hunter to bail him out, nor will he have to be doing any cha cha’s in the big house because it was all a big misunderstanding. The girl had reported her car stolen some time back. The car was recovered and the report was old and still in the police system. Apparently she got her car back, but forgot to tell police that it was recovered. Once everything was cleared up Hines and his companion were free to go.

Ward, as unflappable as ever, shrugged the event off saying that the police were doing their job and that once they realized that a mistake had been made they apologized and everyone was on their way.  The incident hasn’t affected Hines Ward’s DWTS practices in the least. He was in the studio Thursday as planned where he and professional partner Kym Johnson continued rehearsals as one of the final five remaining dancers left on this season’s edition of the hit show.

My question is who was the girl? Did the police interrupt Hines as he was trying to get a little something? He is single so there is nothing wrong with that, but let this be a lesson to Hines, never trust a girl who drives a Honda Civic. I once dated a girl who drove one and she was crazy. It looks like Hine Ward’s “companion” might be cut from the same cloth.



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