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Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Premiere Tackles NFL Monday Night Football

Posted by on September 20, 2010 at 1:57 PM EST

dancing with the stars nfl monday night footballTonight the Dancing With The Stars Season 11 premiere will tackle NFL’s Monday Night Football.

As the NFL rolls into the second week of the regular season, Monday Night Football on ESPN will have to compete head-to-head against the premiere of Dancing With the Stars and former NFL all world quarterback Kurt Warner.

At first glance a person might think that these two shows attract very different audiences. What NFL fan is going to tune into a ballroom dancing competition? The truth might surprise you. While there are no hard and fast numbers as to how many NFL fans watch DWTS, clearly it is a decent number and those fans vote for the NFL players who have appeared on the show.

Dancing and the NFL have been intertwined for decades going back to reports that some coaches sending players to dance and ballet classes to help them learn balance. And who can forget the famous ad of Joe Namath hawking Beautymist pantyhose? Dancing and football take many of the same skill sets, which could account for why many NFL players that appear on Dancing With the Stars are able to pick up the dances quickly and perform them well. Dancing is physical and it requires agility, timing and a sense of balance. These are all things that NFL players have in spades. It also requires physical strength, another hallmark of NFL players, as the men often lift the women, dip them and move them around the floor.

Emmit Smith won season 3 of Dancing With The Stars. Jerry Rice, Jason Taylor and Warren Sapp all finished in second place in their respective seasons. Chad Ochocinco finished in 4th place last season. Professional athletes have won the show four other times. While the judges play a role in who wins and who lasts longest on the show, it takes a good dancer who can cultivate a strong fan base to go deep into the show and win. NFL players come to the show with that fan base in tow and those fans clearly are voting for them.

The producers of DWTS do seem aware of the male audience and do their best to placate them. Most of the women on the show wear very sexy, if not revealing, outfits. The professional dancers are in great shape and the show seems to hire people who are easy on the eyes. This might help draw the NFL fans into the show and give them something to enjoy and look forward to until their favorite NFL star has his chance on the floor.

On the field these players dance through the line and into the end zone. On Dancing With the Stars Season 11 they dance across the floor and show the more refined side of the skills they have gained during a lifetime of playing football and clearly, judging by how well almost all NFL players do, the football fans are turning it.

Monday night is really a story of three quarterbacks. Drew Bress, the Super Bowl MVP for the New Orleans Saints will face off against the San Francisco 49er’s much maligned Alex Smith on Monday Night Football and Kurt Warner quarterbacks Dancing With the Stars. When the dust has cleared and the ratings are in, expect Warner to quarterback DWTS to a ratings victory over Monday Night Football.

Catch the Dancing With The Stars Season 11 premiere tonight at 8|7c on ABC.



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