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Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Cast Profile: Bristol Palin

Posted by on September 20, 2010 at 1:23 PM EST

dancing with the stars bristol palinGet to know Bristol Palin of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 on ABC.

Bristol Palin joins the cast of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 tonight on ABC. Get to know a little about Bristol Palin before he hits the dance floor in the 2010 premiere of Dancing With The Stars.

Bristol Palin came into the American consciences at the same time her mother Sarah Palin did. Bristol is Sarah’s oldest daughter and when Sarah was tapped to be John McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate in the 2008 election she was thrust into the spotlight. There was just one little problem. Bristol was 17 years old and pregnant. Her appearance on DWTS will probably not be as controversial, but it will most likely stir up some old debates.

The Palin family immediately came under fire from people all over the spectrum. Sarah Palin had an infant of her own and now her daughter was pregnant and she wanted to be Vice President of the United States? Everyone had an opinion of the Palin family and with it Bristol Palin. Some said that Bristol Palin was the poster child of what happens when the only birth control you teach your kids about is abstinence. Others loved them because she had made a mistake, but she chose to have the baby and raise the baby.  There was no shortage of opinions, good or bad, about the Palins and Bristol was in the middle of it all.

Bristol’s relationship with her baby’s father, Levi Johnston, was strained at best, but many within the McCain campaign thought if they got married it would help ease some of the criticisms. Bristol and Levi played along, but it never happened. When the campaign was over and McCain has lost it wasn’t long until Bristol and Levi called it quits. The two have fired back and forth at each other in the media, gotten back together and broken up a few times and have finally decided to live separate lives. In short, they are doing what teenagers do, only they have a child to support and the world is watching them.

Bristol Palin has gone on to work with the Candies Foundation as an abstinence spokesperson. But this position came with a little controversy of its own. Shortly after the election ended, Bristol was quoted in an interview as saying that abstinence was “not realistic at all.” A few weeks later she would say that the quote was taken out of context. While her position as an abstinence spokesperson for the Candies Foundation makes sense to some as she can really tell these kids about the hardships of being a teen mother, others think her appearances and speaking engagements as well as her participation on Dancing With the Stars simply glorifies her status as the nations most famous teen mom and sends the wrong message to teens.

The odds makers have Bristol Palin as a big underdog to win Dancing With The Stars Season 11. She is a real long shot for several reasons. First, she has already said she will only wear modest outfits. While that will impress some, others tune in for the sex appeal of the show and she may well lack that. Secondly, while she will get the support of some of the Christian conservatives and families that watch the show along with the presence of her mom in the audience who will doubt take to her Facebook and Twitter to drum up support, she could get enough votes to last for a little while. However, in the end she is simply too much of lightning rod and too divisive of a person to get enough votes to go very far into the competition. I think she will stick around for a few weeks, but I don’t see her going very deep in the competition.

Catch Bristol Palin on the Dancing With The Stars Season 11 premiere tonight at 8|7c on ABC.



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