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American Idol 2011: Jennifer Lopez Replaces Lady Gaga

Posted by on May 6, 2011 at 10:39 AM EST

lady gaga american idolWhat happened to the Lady Gaga “Judas” premiere last night on American Idol?

Lady Gaga replaced by Jennifer Lopez? You heard me right, last night fans of Gaga were expecting the premiere of her new music video “Judas” on American Idol 2011. Instead of Gaga, we got a sneak peek at Lopez’s next video “I’m In To You”…lame! What caused FOX to cancel the Lady Gaga premiere last night on American Idol?

Something tells me that since the music video for Lady Gaga “Judas” was leaked early yesterday, FOX decided it wasn’t American Idol worthy. Sure, Gaga’s video leaked onto the web but I assure you her fans were eagerly awaiting the premiere on Idol and when they tuned in were left with a big WTF! I’m all for promoting one of your own judges (Jennifer Lopez) but I don’t agree with what FOX did. They told fans that the Judas music video would be shown and they should have kept their word; leak or not.

Oh well, by now I am sure all of you have seen the Lady Gaga – Judas music video and if you haven’t, it’s embedded below. I would like to hear your thoughts on both Jennifer Lopez’s lip synctastic American Idol performance and FOX’s decision to cancel the Gaga video premiere. Comment Below!



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  1. Spot the angry gaga stan who wrote this article lol.

    The JLO performance was live but the performance was pre-recorded as i was at the idol show last week when she performed the song in two segments. What a stupid article and i don’t even like JLO.

    Hopefully Beyonce will get to perform on Idol and show these girls how it is done.

  2. I’m so glad they cut out Gaga. Sick of her! I love J.Lo’s performance.LOVE IT!

  3. Lady Gaga’s premiere on American Idol was on May 5 2010.

    This is 2011. 2011 is a year after 2010. Keep up the high quality work!

  4. I am Gald, I am so tire of Gaga, she has the same stuf all the times. Give me something new for one’s.. Any how, I am not a fan of JLO but I have to admit that I love the song, and she ROCKS!!!!!!

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