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American Idol 2011 Results Show Recap

Posted by on May 6, 2011 at 9:24 AM EST

american idol jacob luskFOX is trying to milk the American Idol results show as much as they can; 1 hour is too long!

The American Idol results show is getting ridiculous. They really should call the show American Idol Results: We Want You Money because they take what is really 10 minutes of content that we are actually interested in and spread it out over an hour.

Last night’s results show started with the American Idol Top 5 singing “Still Happy Together.” As you might expect it was pretty awful. Then we get an equally awful Ford car commercial featuring the Top 5. Chef Gordon Ramsey from Hell’s Kitchen stops by and has the Top 5 compete in an omelet cooking completion. For those who are interested Lauren won and Jacob was way too happy to be second. Cut to Lady Antebellum singing their new song and showing how real superstars sound. We then get little clips that are supposed to show us how the contestants choose their songs and clothes, but it turns out to just be another bad skit.

Finally 20 minutes into the American Idol results show after a million plugs for different products we get the first of the announcements. There is a recap of each person with Jimmy Iovine giving his thoughts of their performances.  One by one the singers are separated with James Durbin and Haley Reinhart on one side and Lauren Alaina and Jacob Lusk on the other.

After commercial we get more crappy Hell’s Kitchen stuff that Lauren wins again. Before getting back to the eliminations Jennifer Lopez hits the stage to perform her hit song “On the Floor.” It was hard to tell if she was lip-synching or not, but I have a feeling she was because when she would yell out to the crowd she would be out of breath, but her singing was perfect. Regardless, she looked good and they also showed a teaser from her next video for those who care.

At last we are back to the American Idol results. With Lauren Alaina and Jacob Lusk on one side and James and Haley on the other side Seacrest gets Scotty McCreery up and tells him that one of these two groups is the bottom two. He tells Scotty to go stand with the group he thinks is safe. To Scotty’s credit he refuses to do it so Seacrest leads him to the group of James and Haley. All three are announced as safe. Lauren and Jacob are the bottom two. Finally, Lauren is announced as safe and Jacob is going home. He sings his farewell song as the show ends.

Jacob Lusk is voted out of American Idol. We are down to just four and it seems to be anybody’s contest to win.

This show could easily be 30 minutes long and it would be tight, effective and very. A 30 minute American Idol results show with the results plus real footage of how they choose songs or wardrobe and how things really work behind the scenes would be very interesting, but they insist on milking the audience for every penny they can and add that extra 30 minutes in. It is sad, but at least this week justice was done and Jacob Lusk was sent home instead of one of the other four all of whom are clearly better.



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  1. I think they the only winners are to be the guys Casey, James ans scotty any one else is a flop lke before anyway
    to night should tell me if I should watch it again Louise

  2. No it should of been Haley

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