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American Idol Results: Jacob Lusk Voted Off?

Posted by on May 5, 2011 at 7:39 PM EST

jacob lusk american idolThe Top 5 become the Top 4 tonight on American Idol.

Tonight’s American Idol elimination show is going to be either an exercise in the obvious or a complete and total shock. There is, as per normal, plenty going on during tonight’s show to distract us from the drama that is building this week. Among the distractions will be the debut of Lady Gaga’s video for “Judas” and a performance by Jennifer Lopez. While those are all fine and good the only real question on anyone’s mind is “Will this be the week Jacob Lusk finally goes home?”

You might call Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone Pt2. Stefano was in the bottom three seemingly every week, but somehow managed to survive week in and week out. Eventually, his luck ran out and his name was finally called. Jacob seems to be doing the same thing. He keeps finding his way to the bottom three and somehow surviving. I have a feeling that will come to an end tonight.

Of the Top 5 who all performed two songs last night, Jacob was clearly the worst of the group. Add to it that he seems to be getting a sense of entitlement by sniping at Randy and telling Ryan that his music appeals to everyone and I think he is wearing out his welcome. For me the writing is on the wall and it is Jacob Lusk’s time to go. If anyone but him his eliminated it will be a huge shock. ScottyMcCreery, James Durbin and Lauren Alaina have been untouchable all season long and last night Haley gave what might be the performance of the year. If Haley Reinhart is kicked off after last night it shows how cold and heartless the teeny bopper girls that watch the show and vote en masse truly can be.

Tune in to American Idol tonight at 8PM on Fox to find out if Jacob Lusk is gone or it we are in for a real shock.



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  1. Your article is unfair. Of all the singers, it was Jacob Lusk who is the best. James is the worst ever, he only knows how to screen.

    • Jacob was HORRIBLE!!! The other singers are way more deserving of the American Idol title!

    • I’m glad Jacob is gone, no way he is as good as the other four.

      • i hate jacob os much

      • You must be toned deaf, because Jacob had the most beautiful voice on the show. I guess some people can’t appreciate soul singers that are black and gay. i.e. Luther Vandross R.I.P.

      • Sometimes I don’t think American idol is about talent but more about the “look.” Ok, Pia was hot, but she might have been too hot. I think her exotic beauty and extreme talent intimidated the average girl. I think the average white American girl can relate more to the blonde, plain-looking Haleys and laurens of the world. Also, they are attracted to the Snotty Scotty boy next door type. So, how does Jacob fit into all of this? He doesn’t and that’s why all the teeny boppers and country music fans did not vote for him. He’s black – strike! He’s gay or gay acting – strike! He’s a fat, gospel, soul singer – strike! It’s the sad reality we live in.

  2. jacob needed to go weeks ago…i just dont get the fan base for him…he does not finish his words in a song…he might as well be eating mush while he sings…Nice guy, but Casey and Stephano were way beyond Jacob’s limited talents

    • Oh! you are so right.

      • you not right

    • I agree he needed to go weeks ago…..I did not care for his style of singing or the tone of his voice

  3. I am just glad that my favorite, Haley is still in it.

    • Haley growls and is not as talented.

    • i ilke haley too

  4. I think tonight’s voting was fair. Don’t get me wrong, he’s good. But I think if someone is “just getting by” week after week, it’s a sign that their time is coming. And I believe that it was just Jacob’s time. I almost feel like he’s still trying to find his niche, honestly, but some find that faster than others. It’s nothing bad. I’m sure he’ll still get a record deal. 🙂

    • Jacob dont be too sad bcause u r a good singer n will soon get a record deal

      • Hopefully not in this lifetime.

  5. SORRY to see jacob go but someone will pick him up soon. anyways hailey girl “YOU GO ALL THE WAY” GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT I BEEN BEHIND YOU ALL THE WAY

  6. I liked Jacob. He has a powerful voice. I think the top 2 will be James and Scotty. I think all 5 will get reordings. Why the boys? Because James is better than Haley for rock…and Scotty has grown the most so he will win over Lauren for country. Aloha from Hawaii.

  7. Jacob Lusk doesn’t enunciate any of his words. I hate that about his singing and am glad to see him go. He should have gone before Casey Abrams went, for sure.

    • I agree!!

    • I loved Casey and he will mature into a great artist. I also miss Paul and his
      Rod Stewart style…..he will most likely make it in the music world.

  8. All of you must either be country singing lovers or something. Every year Idol has a country singer in the top five…what is that all about? I like many other people stopped watching Idol for the past 3 seasons because of the unfairness. It was unfair that Jacob was told by the mentor to take risks, but continue to tell Scotty to be true to hisself. I knew when they showed the mentor coaching clip that they were setting him up to get voted off. …A gospel singer, singing rock….gimme a break people.

    Now I am again, not a fan. But I had to take a guess, it will be between the two guys, Scotty or James. I personally like the growth and passion in James, so I think he should take it all…..and then get his teeth fixed.

  9. Also, Casey was my absulute favorite from the beginning, however you have to be “Grown” to appreciate Jazz unless you have what is referred to as “an old soul”..go Casey…show’em how its done!!!

  10. Jacob was good at what he does he had a range that no one else had.You have to understand music to know how good he really is.He might be a little odd but so was adam lambert look where he is today!!!Scotty will win the whole thing….

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