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American Idol 2011 – Jacob Lusk Elimination Predictions

Posted by on May 5, 2011 at 7:37 PM EST

jacob lusk eliminatedJacob Lusk is a bust on American Idol 2011

Last night’s American Idol found most of the contestants in good form and singing very well with one glaring exception – Jacob Lusk. Normally on Thursdays I write about who was the best and worst of the previous night’s performances. Now that we are down to just five singers the competition is furious and it seems like everyone is stepping it up and trying to set themselves apart. Most of the contestants have done that very well, but last night we saw Jacob Lusk implode.

Jacob has been in the bottom three a lot recently and has somehow survived. This week he knew he had to do something special to survive. It was Then/Now week on the show so he had to sing a song that is a current hit and one that was big during the 60’s and 70’s. For his Now song Jacob Lusk chose “No Air” which was originally a duet between Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. Jacob did it solo and performed both parts and it was like watching Jekyll turn into Hyde only to turn back in Jekyll again. After the performance he and Randy had little war of words, but Randy was right, it was not good.

His Then song “Love Hurts” was no better. It was vintage Jacob Lusk which is to say he climbed the vocal scale and blubbered through it. Jacob hasn’t seen a note he doesn’t want to hold out for 30 seconds. If they let him he would take a three minute song and make it a 20 minute anthem just with the vocal gymnastics. He finished the song with a high pitched note that Randy said may have been the highest note ever hit on that stage. It was actually painful to watch. After the song he seemed very pleased with himself and told Ryan that he basically doesn’t need to find a niche to fit into because his music appeals to everyone.

The rest of the cast was good with moments of greatness which leaves Jacob as the sole loser for this week. Tune in tonight at 8PM on Fox to see if he survives another week or if last night’s performances were the final nail in Jacob Lusk’s coffin.



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