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Ron Artest and Chris Brown Love to Hate!

Posted by on May 5, 2011 at 2:26 PM EST

j j bareaRon Artest was ejected from last night’s Lakers game; graduated from Chris Brown’s anger class?

What do Ron Artest and Chris Brown have in common? ANGER! Last night during the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks game, Ron Artest gave J.J. Barea a piece of his mind. In what was surely an intentional clothesline, Artest showed off his inability to control his anger. We all know how Chris Brown fits into this scenario as he let his anger issues get the best of him on Good Morning America recently.

Unlike Chris Brown, who experienced no repercussions, Ron Artest will surely feel the wrath of his angry decision last night. On top of being immediately ejected from the Lakers vs. Mavericks game last night, Artest will undoubtedly be suspended for Game 3 of the NBA Playoffs. You have to wonder what in the hell Artest was thinking. Yes, I know it was a heated matchup but the whole clothesline thing, uncalled for.

While it will surely suck if Ron Artest gets suspended, it is definitely deserved. Hopefully Artest will seek some sort of counseling for his apparent anger management issues. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t attend the same class that Chris Brown went to; post Rihanna.

In case you missed it last night, here is the Ron Artest – J.J. Barea clothesline video:



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    • This ass wipe, Tim shit needs to take a dirt nap

  2. Here goes another article throwing in Chris Brown’s name for recognition. Get a life and better journalistic styles because this is poorly written, and one has nothing to with with the other that happened months ago. I figure because today is Chris Brown’s BIRTHDAY you want to be a hater and it shows in your local blog!

    • Yes another article except this one is written by the biggest low life, Tim shit. go take a dirt nap

  3. gee….another site dedicated to the illuminati suck-up….couldnt be less surprised…its people like you that give people a hard time….live YOUR life.

    PS. Just so you know , writing biased articles is NOT a sign of journalism.

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  4. Ridiculousness, lol. Anyways, I think Shannon and Chris Brown are twins. I saw them together once and I was like WHAT!!!

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  7. It never fails that Chris haters will bring him up in news that he has nothing to do with and it’s totally about racism because you could have used older men with anger issues such as Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson but of course they get a pass and an infinity of chances…

    Chris is here to stay haters,so your plan didn’t work because it’s his fans and the creator who determine his destiny, not SATAN’S helpers…

  8. Wow so why didn’t you mention Mel Gibson since he is older and has Anger Mangement issue and currently taking classes for it after beating the Mother of his child. You have failed. Tim Smith please go choke on a rock.

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