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David Hasselhoff on Dancing With The Stars Tonight

Posted by on September 20, 2010 at 5:37 PM EST

dancing with the stars david hasselhoffGet to know David Hasselhoff aka, The Hoff of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 on ABC.

David Hasselhoff joins the cast of Dancing With The Stars Season 11 tonight on ABC. Get to know a little about David Hasselhoff before he hits the dance floor in the 2010 premiere of Dancing With The Stars.

David Hasselhoff is one of the most recognizable names in this year’s DWTS cast. He is perhaps best known from his shows Baywatch and Knight Rider. Hasselhoff has most recently been seen as a judge on the hit show America’s Got Talent. David Hasselhoff has also appeared in many other TV shows and movies and has appeared on Broadway. Hasselhoff has been a long time pop star in Germany where he has charted two number 1 hits. He continues to sell out his concerts in Germany.

David Hasselhoff has been married twice and has two daughters with second wife Pamela Beach. Recent times have seen Hasselhoff’s private life splashed across the headlines. He had been battling alcoholism for some time in private. One night, while drunk in Vegas, his daughter shot a video of him laying on the floor, very drunk and trying to eat a hamburger. The release of the video caused him to lose some of his visitation with his kids. In May of 2009 he was rushed to the hospital for an alcohol poisoning related illness. In September of 2009 he was again hospitalized for alcohol-related reasons. He suffered a seizure in November of 2009 and was again rushed to the hospital following a three-day drinking binge in May of 2010. David Hasselhoff’s once private battle is now very public. He says he is now clean and sober and is taking the steps to insure he will stay that way. Will his previous life struggles hinder his performance on Dancing With The Stars Season 11?

One interesting fact about Hasselhoff that most people don’t know is that there was a concerted effort to break him as a legit music star in America. He shot a video, had a single ready and had planned a date where he would release the single and video at the same time while hitting every news and media outlet he could to garner as much press as he could. The hope would be that the public would see the song and video, like it and start seeing him as a singer and not the guy that acts in cheesy TV shows and movies. There was one problem. In one of the worst turns of bad luck ever, the day set aside for this media blitz was June 17, 1994 – the same day O.J. Simpson took his now famous Bronco ride around Los Angeles before turning himself in as a suspect in his wife’s murder. The entire nation was turned to the O.J. Simpson drama and Hasselhoff was left in the dark.

The odds makers have David Hasselhoff as the third highest rated guy behind Rick Fox and The Situation to win Dancing With The Stars Season 11. While he undoubtedly is used to performing in front of crowds and on live TV, it remains to be seen if he will have the drive and desire week in and week out to compete at a high level. He has plenty of money in the bank from Baywatch, so I get the feeling he might just be doing this to have some fun and get a little exposure for himself and any upcoming projects he may have.

Catch David Hasselhoff on the Dancing With The Stars Season 11 premiere tonight at 8|7c on ABC.



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