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Jesse James, Charlie Sheen Talk Sex

Posted by on May 5, 2011 at 12:53 PM EST

howard sternJesse James and Charlie Sheen talk sex with Howard Stern.

Jesse James incited controversy recently when he spoke with the King of Controversy, Howard Stern. The shock jock questioned James about whether Sandra Bullock or Kat von D was better in bed, and instead of skirting the question, Jesse James answered Stern, and indicated that Kat von D was his preferred choice. What answer did Charlie Sheen give to Stern’s “sex” question?

It begs the question: How much honesty is too much, in Hollywood? It’s one thing to air your dirty laundry in your private life, but don’t Hollywood actors have a certain degree of responsibility when it comes to making statements like this? The reason why I feel Hollywood actors should exercise more responsibility is because once you make a statement in an interview, chances are, it’s going to be quoted again and again and again. Is Sandra Bullock’s relationship with Jesse James so poor that he felt justified in saying she’s worse in bed than his current girlfriend?

I’m not really sure. Charlie Sheen has recently been getting somewhat of a devoted fan following, as he tours the country, and talks with utter candor and honesty about-well-it would appear as though Charlie Sheen is really willing to talk about anything and everything right now!

What I find most interesting is that when Charlie Sheen was interviewed by Howard Stern on March 1st of this year, Sheen refused to answer Howard Stern’s question about which of his goddesses was better in bed. I think that Sheen’s answer was actually WAY classier than Jesse James. Sheen said, “It’s impossible to choose because individually they’re so unique, and they’re so different, and they’re so uniquely radical that to make that decision would be impossible.” Obviously Sheen is on better terms with his current girlfriends than Jesse is with Sandra, but still.

There’s no doubt that Jesse James was vilified to an extent after his breakup with Sandra Bullock, and Kat von D certainly received her share of negative press. But is it an excuse to disparage Sandra Bullock’s bedroom skills? That sort of thing frankly doesn’t seem like it should be the public’s business. What are your thoughts on the issue?



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  1. Why can’t the truth be told…Some people are better at sex than others. A lot of women put no work into it, so when a woman does put her “back into it” we acknowledge it. Just like women quote “it’s not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean.” SOme men dont have skills….Give him a break and maybe Snadra can step up her game for next time…..PEACE

  2. It isn’t the publics business

  3. You can not compare Jesse James to Charlie Sheen! Jesse is “trailer trash” and Charlie Sheen has some class to say the least!

    Sandra just did not know how to react to a low-life, and Jesse needs to “Man-up” and shut his mouth~ Would you like it if Sandra said your “tool” just didn’t do it for her~~~~

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