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The Bourgeois Bieber: Eggs a la Scooter

Posted by on May 5, 2011 at 11:59 AM EST

the bourgeois bieberToday (May 5, 2011) on The Bourgeois Bieber we will talk eggs, scooter and other news that pertains to Justin Bieber.

Hey, and welcome to the first ever edition of The Bourgeois Bieber, where we endeavour to bring you the latest and most interesting Justin Bieber news. If you are a Belieber, you know how frequently Justin gets press. This daily article will be a roundup of what’s hip and happening in Bieberland.

Do you remember that Australian guy who pelted Justin Bieber with a bunch of eggs? Well he gotten in trouble, of course. The 17-year-old was charged with breaking and entering, malicious damage, and trespassing. I’m guessing that’s a lot more than he bargained for. Props also go to Justin for having the egg-celent stage presence to keep singing and dancing despite the distraction (I’ll try to stop with the yolks).

Justin Bieber’s manager, Scott “Scooter” Braun has been pretty upset with Justin’s crew, who are staging a boycott over Bieber’s upcoming performances in Japan. A lot of them are scared about potential cancer risks coming from the recent disaster, even though Japan has declared that Osaka and Tokyo-the cities Justin would be performing in-are “clear” and safe. Scooter reportedly freaked out and said to the crew, “Man the [expletive] up and do the right thing by these kids.”

What are your thoughts? Would you set up for Justin Bieber in Tokyo, even if you had no chance of meeting him? Remember to check Robot Celeb daily for a new edition of The Bourgeois Bieber!



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