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American Idol 2011 Top 5 Performance Ratings

Posted by on May 5, 2011 at 11:45 AM EST

haley reinhart american idolLet’s recap last night’s Top 5 performances on American Idol 2011 with song results and my personal ratings.

Haley Reinhart stole last night’s show with her 2nd performance which was “The House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals. In case you missed American Idol’s Top 5 performances, the remaining contestants were tasked to perform not one but two songs for the “Now/Then” (current/classic’s) themed week. I have to say, as we get closer to the American Idol finale, the contestants are definitely stepping their game up. What did the American Idol final 5 sing? Who stood tall and who fell short?

With only five contestants left on American Idol, the competition is definitely getting down to the wire as they battle for the finale. Last night the 2011 Idol hopefuls were tasked with two songs from Now/Then and here is what they sang and how well they did: (ratings based from 1-10 with 10 being the highest)

James Durbin –

“Closer to the Edge” by 30 Seconds to Mars (NOW) – James kicked off last night’s American Idol and while it was definitely different than usual, I really wasn’t feeling it. I mean the kid is an amazing performer and the judges loved it. 7/10

“Without You” by Harry Nilsson (THEN) – Oh boy! James Durbin brought the waterworks with him in his second performance.  I didn’t like it at all and I think the tears were complete bull crap. I am sure James will get the sympathy vote on this one. 5/10

Jacob Lusk –

“No Air” by Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown (NOW) – Please send Jacob home! This was absolutely the most bizarre performance of the night. The man tried to sing both Sparks and Brown’s duet himself…it wasn’t good. 4/10

“Love Hurts” by Nazareth (THEN) – I am pretty sure Jacob Lusk sealed his fate on American Idol with this second performance. Jacob will be eliminated tonight. 4/10

Lauren Alaina –

“Flat on the Floor” by Carrie Underwood (NOW) – Lauren took a big risk singing a song from one of American Idol’s most successful winners. It looks like she was having a blast with the song and while it wasn’t her best performance, I still enjoyed it. 6/10

“Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers (THEN) – Being completely honest, I really enjoyed Lauren singing this classic. Her voice is mesmerizing and I think she nailed the song, definitely worthy of being in the top 4 without a doubt. 8/10

Scotty McCreery –

“Gone” by Montgomery Gentry (NOW) – Scotty stayed close to his country roots and sang this song like it was nobody’s business.  It was nice to see him tearing up the stage instead of just sitting down on the steps like last week. The judge’s love it and so did I! 7/10

“Always on my Mind” by Elvis Presley (THEN) – Scotty the Body! Sheryl Crow absolutely loved Scotty McCreery last night and while I don’t think he will win American Idol, he definitely has a long career ahead of him. As for his second performance, it was a bit slower but I’ll give it a 7/10.

Haley Reinhart

“You and I” by Lady Gaga (NOW) – I love Haley! Now she took an amazing risk last night by singing an unreleased Lady Gaga song. I absolutely love the sound of Haley’s sultry voice and I think she did an amazing job singing the Queen. Of course Jennifer Lopez said she didn’t think Reinhart was ready to sing Gaga but she is just jealous she couldn’t have pulled it off. Vote Team Halery! 8/10

“The House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals (THEN) – Absolutely amazing! Haley Reinhart’s voice was made for this song and she absolutely nailed it. What a way to end the American Idol top 5 performance show. The judges loved it and Haley has proven that she’s in it to win it! 9/10

What do you all think about my American Idol performance ratings? Do you agree with them? Comment below with your thoughts and remember to tune in to the live American Idol results show tonight at 8|7c on FOX.

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  1. Your comments are dead on. If I had written a critique of the show it would have read like your’s. Haley’s “Sun” number was one of if not the, best I’ve ever seen on Idol. Up there with Lambert’s Ring of Fire! She condensed all the dynamics of a 2 hour concert into a 2 minute song. Amazing talent. In fact Haley has the talent to win it all but she won’t get enough of the tweeny bopper girl votes. Too bad. She has the best voice, most dynamic soul, beauty, strength and stage presence. Idol needs to change the voting formul badly.

  2. I love Haley and always have. I’m so glad she is starting to really shine. She has an amazing voice and I love her personality, she seems so real. I really hope she can hang on.

  3. Sorry folks, but Haley, long term would grate my nerves….she loves herself…she’s constantly looking at the camera and is good at the flirtatious looks to the cameraman. Yeh, she can sing, but James and Scotty have it, long term. James has Ausbergers and through personal experience in my family…’they’ put their all into it and believe me, the tears were real. Face it, he’s got the talent in a perfect package. Scotty will end up in Nashville….Sheryle Crowe pretty well confirmed that.

    • but his voice sucks
      when buying a cd or record
      one buys it to listen to a good voice
      not to listen to tears.

  4. I agree with most of the comments. I hope and pray Jacob Lusk gets booted off this evening because he’s getting on my very last nerve. Scotty and Haley are my absolute favourites and I sincerely hope one of those two win the whole thing; they are that good. Unfortunately, last night James was pitchy all over the place and the tears…. well… Lauren is also very good and should stick around for at least another week.

  5. Please get jacob off the idol stage and if anybody had any sense they would vote for James look at what he has overcome and the immotion he shows when he sings not to mention his fabulous voice.

    • Jocelyn, both James and Scotty are exceptional- but command different fan followings. To suggest that Scotty isn’t excellent in his genre is pure bias.

      And I might not like hard rock or Heavy Metal but I know talent when I see it – and charisma- and James has both in abundance. He is a sweet, caring individual; sorry if I offend your “macho image” of what a man should be.

  6. Jacob should have went home a long time ago. There are several others that I would have much rather watch perform over him. Casey, Pia, heck even Paul McDonald. I love Lauren but I have a feeling that it will be her going home tonight, that is if Jacob gets lucky, if not I think it will be her next week. Im betting a pretty penny that final two standing will be James and Haley, as long as Haley finishes out the rest of her performances like the “Then” song as she did last night.

    • Brandy- sorry- my comment re James were directed toward the author of the article and not you. :o)

  7. I really hope Nazareth will sue the living crap out of Jacob for stuffing-up a great song, will never be able to listin to Love Hurt’s without thinking of last night !!! Ish, how come Pia & Casey was sent home, but we still have a CLOWN hanging in there ?

    • Jacob is actually great when he stays in his own genre; what he has been trying to do lately doesn’t fit him at all and tends to degrade his talent. He belongs mainly in gospel music.

  8. My favorite is Scotty so that you don’t think I’m defending James because he is. You simply do NOT understand either TS (which I have as well as he) or Aspberger’s; the emotion was NOT feigned. He is a sweet, good young man who wears his feeling on his sleeve; again, his 2 conditions certainly contribute to this. He happens to adore his son and fiance and was caught up in the emotion. Evidently there is a “history” between his fiance and him that created the emotional rush.

    You can like or dislike his style, performance, voice or whatever; but please have a little compassion for the young man and the two severe conditions he has had to endure virtually his entire life? (TS comes on around the age of 5).

    • Oops- Aspergers; you all should google it to find out what those who have it might endure.

      • As a mom of someone with AS, I believe James displayed genuine emotions. The thing with some people with AS is that they sometimes have difficulty controlling emotions. Whether he nailed the songs or not is a different matter. But you have to admit, the guy has raw talent and great potential; and doesn’t let his disability get in the way of working towards his dreams. For that alone, he is an inspiration to many — AI aside.

  9. I am rooting for Haley, Scotty and Lauren (in that order). The final five are all winners but I think Jacob and James are losing their focus. The pressure of the competition seems to be getting to them and they both lack stage presence. I give Haley the edge because of the two best performances the judge gave her for, (Bennie and the Jets) and (The house of the rising sun). I love playing both those performances over and over.

    • Ji, James’ popularity is soaring; I doubt if this will change. But I think all 5 finalists will have fruitful careers. I believe that Scotty will be a mega-star (Heaven help him lol) and quite possibly James as well. Good chance for Hayley and Lauren as well. James should do great with Gospel music cd’s.


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