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Belgian Malinois: Puppy Kills Osama bin Laden

Posted by on May 5, 2011 at 10:03 AM EST

belgian malinoisIt looks like the Navy Seals had some help with the Osama bin Laden death and his name is Belgian Malinois (kinda).

Who is Belgian Malinois? Today news regarding the Osama bin Laden death has uncovered a new American hero. While the US Navy Seals led the special ops infiltration on the bin Laden compound, they definitely had help from Belgian Malinois, a tactical trained German Sheperd! That’s right, a DOG was in on the raid that ended with the death of Al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden. [Keep in mind that “Belgian Malinois” is a TYPE of dog, they have not released the puppies actual name, it’s secret!]

While the US Navy Seals are being tight lipped about Belgian Malinois and his training, they have uncovered a few details. They say that dogs are trained to go into places (such as the Osama bin Laden compound) and sniff out any explosives.  On top of sniffing bombs, the special ops dogs are used to chase fleeing terrorists as well as anyone trying to escape during one of their raids.

We are also being told that dogs like Belgian Malinois can be equipped with super high tech cameras and tactical vests. Will our armies be composed of dogs, cats, monkeys and birds in the future? It sure seems like the government is planning an Animal Attack Squad so I wouldn’t doubt it. Anyways, the point here is that on top of the US Navy Seals, the dog by the name of Belgian Malinois also deserves credit for the Osama bin Laden death. Puppy Power!


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  1. “Belgian Malinois” is not the name of the dog, like “Rover” or “Fred.” That’s the name of the breed. This article makes it sound as if that’s his name, like “Come here, Belgian!” Not the case….

  2. By the way the puppy pictured here is named Kain, and he is not a military dog. He is an average family pet from Oregon. This picture was just taken of the internet and used for this article.

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