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Roger Goodell announces new training program because of Ines Sainz and Jet’s locker room antics.

Posted by on September 19, 2010 at 12:25 PM EST

ines-sainzRoger Goodell announces new training program because of Ines Sainz and Jet’s locker room antics.

Last week the New York Jets were brought under suspicion of harassing TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz who was at their practice to interview New York Jet’s quarterback Mark Sanchez. Attention was first brought to the situation when Sainz reported that footballs were being thrown very close to her as she waited near the field and that she felt “very uncomfortable” in the locker room as players made comments and whistled catcalls. Her reports instantly launched a small storm of discussions about whether or not women should be allowed in men’s locker rooms and what is appropriate and not appropriate in a sports setting. There were even criticisms of Ines Sainz’s wardrobe as some claim she must have been dressed inappropriately. As a response to that she tweeted a picture that showed an outfit that was very similar to the one she wore that day. In the picture she was wearing a white blouse and jeans, albeit skin tight jeans that were very flattering. It is easy to see why Sainz was a successful model before getting her masters degree and pursing a career in sports reporting.

New York Jet’s owner Woody Johnson and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell immediately launched an investigation into the claims and found that there was no evidence that Sainz was “bumped, touched, brushed against or otherwise subjected to any physical contact.” Sainz herself backs this up and says nothing outwardly offensive was said that she was never touched. Of the incident itself Sainz said, “Of course you feel it when you are being stared at and when you are being spoken of in a certain way. I opted to ignore it … I tried to not even pay attention.”

The investigation included interviewing 17 different people who were present when she visited the practice field and locker room. Ines Sainz herself was among those 17. Upon conclusion of the investigation Goodell issued a letter to Johnson stating, “there seems little doubt that passes were thrown in Sainz’s direction at last Saturday’s practice, it is also clear that she was never bumped, touched, brushed against, or otherwise subjected to any physical contact by any player or coach.” It went on to say that Sainz, “did not believe that the activity in the locker room interfered with her ability to do her job [namely, obtaining an interview with Sanchez], and did not identify any member of the Jets organization who did anything that was in her view improper. That being noted, Sainz did state that the locker room environment ‘could have been better.’”

As a response to this incident Roger Goodell also announced a new training program that will be used by all 32 teams. The program will teach players how to conduct themselves properly in the workplace. The program will be overseen by Woody Johnson.



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