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Can daughter Bristol Palin outshine Sarah Palin on Dancing With the Stars?

Posted by on September 18, 2010 at 5:33 PM EST

bristol-palinCan daughter Bristol Palin outshine Sarah Palin with her first dance on Dancing With the Stars?

Will Sarah Palin upstage her daughter during the Dancing With The Stars premiere Monday night? Sources have confirmed that Sarah Palin will be present and in the audience as Bristol Palin makes her much publicized and awaited debut on the show. While Sarah Palin’s presence most likely will not sway any of the show’s judges, it could play a major role in Bristol’s future on the show.

Sarah Palin is flying high right now after a few key endorsements in recent primary elections returned great results. The success of these candidates showed that Palin still has plenty of pull with her core demographic. Much of that demographic may tune in to watch the show and Sarah is sure to turn to her much used Twitter and Facebook accounts to help drum up support for her daughter on Dancing With the Stars.

For Bristol Palin it must be both a blessing and a curse. She says of her mom, “She’s my number one cheerleader and I can’t wait for her to come watch the performances and just see me in a whole new light.” While she seems to be happy about her presence, it must also be added pressure. Odds makers have Bristol has a long shot to win and she has already taken a little bit of heat when she announced that she will only wear modest costumes on the show. With her recent tabloid filled on again/off again relationship with Levi Johnson, the father of her child, her name is one that seems to evoke passion from fans and non-fans alike. There are some who say she is simply glorifying teen motherhood. Sure, she has a great life. She has a nice place to live and she is now on a hit TV show, but most teen mother’s aren’t the daughter of a former Governor and Vice Presidential candidate who has raked in millions in book sales and appearance fees over the last couple of years. Critics say that having Bristol Palin on the show sends the message to teen girls that having a baby can help make them popular or even famous.

Regardless of their stance on Bristol, it seems just about everyone has an opinion on her. Growing up as the daughter of a politician will have prepared her for some of that, but if she lasts a while on the show some of the controversy that constantly surrounds her mom could find its way to her especially if other, better, dancers end up being voted off before her.

There is no word yet on whether Sarah Palin will attend all the performance shows or if it will just be this one and there is no word as to how much camera time Sarah will get. There is speculation that she might be doing this as a way to get even more face time on camera and show the nation she is a good, caring mom so as to curry favor with some potential voters prior to a possible run for President in 2012.

It remains to be seen if Sarah Palin‘s presence on Dancing with the Stars audience will be a distraction for Bristol or a calming influence, but there is no dismissing the fact that there will be plenty of people tuning in Monday night to see her so the pressure is on. It will be interesting to see how well she performs and what, if anything, her mother says publicly about it. Whether she will simply be a mom showing her love and support for her daughter or if she will try to spin this into some kind of political situation nobody knows, but we do know that Sarah Palin never seems at a loss for words so chances are she won’t simply sit quietly in the audience and clap.



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