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American Idol 2011 Winner Poll

Posted by on May 4, 2011 at 12:15 PM EST

american idol pollWho will win the 2011 American Idol competition?

Looking for an American Idol 2011 winner poll? Going into tonight’s Top 5 performances, I feel it is only right that we make our final predictions on who is going to win American Idol. Being that my winner was eliminated last week (Casey Abrams) I am have gone back to the Idol drawing board. Who do you all predict will win?

Being that Casey Abrams was eliminated, I have to choose either Haley Reinhart or James Durbin as the winner of American Idol 2011. Don’t get me wrong, I love Scotty McCreery’s voice but I don’t think he will win. Both McCreery and Lauren Alaina WILL have careers in country music, there is questioning that. Jacob Lusk will be sent home this week and then I think Lauren and Scotty will follow suit. That will leave James Durbin and Haley Reinhart as the final two.

I really want to see Haley Reinhart win but I think the American Idol title will go to James Durbin. Now that I have made my final winner prediction, I’d like to hear from you all. Who do you pick to win?

(Remember the American Idol poll below is strictly for fun)

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(6) Readers Comments

  1. why should james win he is a adam wanta be and there is only one ADAM he is very screamy and I think scotty should win, his voice is wonderful and beautiful and I could listen to him all night

    • Man oh man i get so sick of ignorant statements like that. James has NEVER claimed to be anything like Adam Lambert. He has never claimed to be anyone but James. Ignorant people like YOU have cast him into that stereotype. James is awesome and deserves great things. He will do great wether or not he wins the idol crown. He has all my votes………..

  2. I have to agree with Debra. James sounded like that before Adam was on Idol. Had James been on before Adam would you be calling Adam a James wannabe? There is one thing you go right though. There is only one Adam just like there’s only one you and one me and one every other person in the world. We all like different people and if Scotty is your choice great, but there’s no need to talk shit about the others.

  3. im just gonna say is that HALEY REINHART’S in it to WIN it!! baby!!! LUV U HALEY i don’t care what they say i just luv u haley hope u win…

  4. Haley is a powerhouse! Folks keep putting her down and gets right back up and into the fight! Huge voting-Haley all the way!

  5. NGEK!

    I’m not anti-gay! So … James, the Adam Lambert wannabe … is out! I mean … why stole AdamL’s style?

    On Haley … her fall during Top 3 performances says it all … she has nothing new to put on the table!

    On Lauren … the judges destroyed her chances by making her the favorite!


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