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Fleetwood Mac Beats Lady Gaga on Glee

Posted by on May 4, 2011 at 9:46 AM EST

fleetwood macDid Fleetwood Mac’s episode of Glee last night trump last week’s Lady Gaga madness?

Did Fleetwood Mac outdo Lady Gaga? You know, waking up this morning and seeing the buzz surrounding last night’s “Rumours” episode of Glee leads me to believe Gaga just got trumped. For those who have no idea what I am talking about, last night on Glee Season 2, Fleetwood Mac became the first musical artist to have an entire episode devoted to a single album (RUMOURS). While the ratings aren’t in yet, I have to believe that last night’s episode did better than last week’s 90-minute Lady Gaga fest. What do you all think?

Do you think last night’s Fleetwood Mac episode of Glee will have higher ratings than last week’s 90-minute Lady Gaga episode? Like I said, I wouldn’t doubt that when the official ratings come in we will see Gaga being schooled. I mean take a look at Twitter this morning, Fleetwood Mac is a top trend and that says a lot.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this situation. Did Fleetwood Mac trump Lady Gaga on Glee? Did you watch last night’s episode? Which one did you prefer (Gaga or Fleetwood)? Comment below!



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  1. rumours was a great episode 😀

  2. it was a great episode… but gaga is a trend on twitter everyday.. but i understand what you are saying. But both had great meaning.. I really liked born this way one better because it ment loving who you are no matter what 🙂 either way BOTH GOOD.

  3. The only song they even tried to do differently was Rachel singing Go Your Own Way. Santana trying to do Songbird was just embarrassing.

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