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Dancing With The Stars 2011 – Ralph Macchio the Dance Master

Posted by on May 3, 2011 at 8:37 PM EST

ralph macchio dwtsRalph Macchio and Hines Ward stole the show during week 7 of the 2011 Dancing With The Stars competition.

The competition is getting fierce (Hines Ward, Ralph Macchio) on Dancing with the Stars. Now that we are down to just six dancers left anything can happen and having one bad dance could mean getting voted off. Last night all the dancers performed twice. The first dance was a group dance with the group score being added to each individual score. That turned out to be moot because both teams scored a 30. When it came to the individual dances it was much more competitive. Here are my choices for this week’s winners.

Hines Ward continued to impress. He tackled the tango and pulled it off well. During rehearsals he was visited by former teammates including Jerome Bettis. This week was also legends week and Luca Baricchi (a famed pro dancer) worked with Hines and Kym Johnson. He actually showed Hines how to lead and gave him some great tips that helped out a lot. Hines put it all together and danced a very solid tango that got him a 36 from the Dancing With The Stars judges and tied him for first place.

The Karate Kid (Ralph Macchio) had another great crane kick in him for this week. As it turns out Ralph, while he looks young, is 49 years old and has a bad knee. Having to learn two dances was killing him physically and that his solo dance, which was the quickstep made it worse. The quickstep was relentless and at times it looked like Ralph might not survive the rehearsals. As he took the floor in a 50’s inspired gangster theme he left it all out there. No falls this week, he and Karina Smirnoff tore it up. His score of 26 tied him with Hines Ward for first and showed everyone that he is still in this DWTS competition.

As an honorable mention Chelsea Kane also did well. She scored 34 which put her in second place, but she was penalized by the judges because they felt the dance was too modern and didn’t have enough paso doble elements in it. Mark Ballas was clearly upset with the judges. I agree with him. She just dances she doesn’t choreograph it. He claimed all the elements were there. The judges shouldn’t punish the dancers if they don’t personally like the style of the choreography, they should stick to how well the dancers perform the elements in the dance.

So there you have this week’s Dancing with the Stars winners. Hines Ward and Ralph Macchio were great and Chelsea Kane was better than her scores reflected.  Tune in tonight at 8PM on ABC to see if these three will be safe or if we will have another shocker of an elimination.



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  1. I loved the way Hines almost tripped at the end of his dance, and he himself made a %^%^% comment. You see, he knows he made mistakes, yet those unprofessional judges still give him high marks (shame on you)! Again, he hid his mistakes behind Kym, and doesn’t seem to feel bad about it (shame)! Love Chelsea and Ralph! Wow…Ralph can kick butt. Why does he and Chelsea get all the difficult dances? Guess that’s why Hines (and Kirstie) is still there because he has no challenging dances, and the judges look the other way when he makes mistakes. I think that is why the viewers vote for Hines it is because they allow themselves to be influenced by the judges, which is a shame. The viewers should look at their dances and see who improves and who doesn’t. Hoping Hines and Kirstie go home. They NEVER progress, and their dances are so boring, absolutely no challenges. They HIDE behind their professional partners. Ralph, Chelsea and Romeo have such difficult dances and they TRY so hard. Ralph, you are one smokin’ guy. You consistently have difficult dances/routines and you come out ahead! Shame on those judges (except Donny/Donnie). My votes are for Ralph!

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