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The Voice Ratings: Hyped Up Round Two Auditions

Posted by on May 3, 2011 at 7:57 PM EST

the voice ratingsWill The Voice ratings continue to climb as round two of the blind auditions air tonight on NBC?

The second episode of the hit show The Voice airs tonight at 9PM on NBC and it will be interesting to see if it can maintain its energy and interest now that we all know what the catch is. What makes The Voice different is that the coaches/judges have their backs to the singers as they audition so they have no idea what the person looks likes. If the coach likes what they hear they press a button, spin around and get a look at them. By doing so that coach agrees to take this singer onto their team and help mentor them. If more than one coach presses the button, the singer gets to choose whose team they are on.

After last week’s episode of The Voice we all know this about it and we all know how it works. So the novelty and the curiosity of it all are gone and the show will be left to the merit of its content. Tonight’s episode will pick up where last week left off with more blind auditions as the coaches continue to round out their teams. Once all the coaches have eight singers then the show will move on to the next phase known as the battle round.

There were few different things announced this week pertaining to the show that are pretty interesting.  Once the teams are formed the coaches will be charged with prepping the singers and according to show sources they will get some help. R&B singer Monica will work with Cee Lo Green. Christina Aguilera will be joined by singer-songwriter Sia Furler. Adam Levine will be joined by producers Adam Blackstone and country music legend Reba McEntire will be joining Blake Shelton. These new additions will help the coaches as they advise their teams.

The first episode of The Voice was interesting and compelling. It worked on many different levels. The singers were good, the coaches were charming and fun to watch and the show did a good job of doing some background on the singers.

All in all the first episode of The Voice was great and it beat Dancing with the Stars and Glee in the ratings. It will be interesting to see how it holds up this week. I have a feeling it is going to be just as big and is just getting started.



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