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Miley Cyrus: Kurt Cobain, Twitter Mom, Charity

Posted by on May 3, 2011 at 5:50 PM EST

miley cyrusMiley Cyrus Salutes Kurt Cobain and More!

Always eager to push boundaries, Miley Cyrus has launched her Gypsy Heart tour, where she recently covered Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” It definitely doesn’t mesh with the original tracks which Miley has released, but a little bit of eclecticism never hurt anybody. Would Kurt Cobain approve? I’m not sure, but while Miley was performing the tune in Ecuador, I thought she was definitely projecting some Courtney Love!

In related news, Miley Cyrus’s mom, Tish Cyrus, has followed her daughter’s lead by signing up again for Twitter. Tish is currently traveling around the world with Miley to support her on her Gypsy Heart Tour. You can follow her @ TishCyrus1. According to Miley’s Twitter, she’s had a great time in Peru, and has reached out to some fans, who created a TeamMileyNY Twitter account. Miley definitely made their day by following them and tweeting, “@TeamMileyNY 🙂 you have a fansite?? What’s the URL? Or do you just update on twitter?? X”

Miley definitely doesn’t let her fans down; the former Hannah Montana star met with 14 kids who suffer from life-threatening illnesses, who were able to meet the star through the Make-a-Wish Foundation. The president of the foundation, David Williams, acknowledged Miley Cyrus’s charitable deed saying, “We thank Miley Cyrus for celebrating World Wish Day again this year and spreading our unifying message of hope, strength and joy for children with life-threatening medical conditions…“Her support is helping these kids enjoy a better quality of life, and fulfilling their wishes gives them hope for the future.”



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  1. Kurt Cobain changed my life with his music. This is sacrilege and he’s surely turning in his grave. This Miley cover embodies EVERYthing he fought against! I paid homage to him on the anniversary of his death with my portrait of the grunge legend on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/04/in-memoriam-kurt-cobain-and-lane-staley.html

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