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Justin Bieber Bully Hero Interview (VIDEO)

Posted by on May 3, 2011 at 2:31 PM EST

justin bieber casey heynesJustin Bieber recently met with Casey Heynes, the Aussie YouTube sensation made famous by being a bully beater.

Who is Justin Bieber’s hero? While there are so many answers to this question, as of late, Bieber’s hero is Casey Heynes. Casey who? Casey is the YouTube sensation that has become famous by sticking up for himself against a bully at school. Mr. Bieber fever was so touched by the young Aussie schoolboy’s story that while doing a show in Melbourne, Australia, he flew Casey out to his concert and set up a face to face meet.

You know, I usually love to make fun of Justin Bieber but there is nothing bad I can say on the subject of Casey Heynes. The kid was the victim of a piece of crap bully and he stuck up for himself. Unlike Rebecca Black’s fame which is completely unjustified, Casey Heynes deserves all of the attention he is getting, without a doubt.

I know some folks are going to read this and say that people are bullied on a daily basis. Yes, you are right, there are millions of Casey Heynes around the world but he is one of the first instances in which the world has seen him stick up for himself. I have to commend Justin Bieber for taking the time out from his busy schedule and recognizing a real star, Casey Heynes. Maybe this will spark a movement to end bullying around the world.

To support Casey, head on over to Twitter and keep the CASEY RULES trend alive!

Enjoy this Justin Bieber – Casey Heynes (YouTube Bully Hero) interview:



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