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Morning Robot: Rick Springfield, Yvette Vickers, Richard Hatch

Posted by on May 3, 2011 at 11:02 AM EST

yvette vickersAndy Dick, Rick Springfield and Flavor Flav arrested, Richard Hatch in prison for tax evasion and Yvette Vickers was found dead.

Today’s Morning Robot is mainly about celebrities getting themselves into trouble. In this edition, we discuss the various misadventures of Andy Dick, Rick Springfield, and Flavor Flav, who have all managed to get themselves arrested. It’s no surprise that in 2 of the cases, alcohol was involved. Next, we discuss reality star Richard Hatch, who has begun his 9-month prison time for violating probation. Too bad Hatch didn’t have Lindsay Lohan’s lawyers backing him up! Lastly, on a more serious note, we discuss the recent bizarre death of Yvette Vickers, who was a B-grade pinup queen.

First, let’s talk about Dick. The quirky comedian was arrested last night, after acting disorderly. Apparently, he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Could it be time for Andy Dick to go back to Celebrity Rehab? Rick Springfield has also been misbehaving…the “Jesse’s Girl” singer was arrested Sunday, after he was suspected of drunk driving. After Springfield took his breathalyzer test, officers found his blood alcohol content to be .10 (.02 above the .08 limit). Springfield will appear in court for his DUI in July. Flavor Flav was also arrested on Friday, after being pulled over for a moving violation. Upon discovering that Flav had 4 outstanding arrest warrants, he was immediately arrested. Flav responded by posting an amusing reaction on Twitter.

In related news, Richard Hatch appears to be less adept at surviving in the “real world” than you might have thought. The “Survivor” winner is now doing time for violating the terms of probation that he was given for tax evasion. Richard Hatch has already spent 3 years in prison for the crime, but due to not filing 2001 tax returns, he’ll be behind bars for another 9 months.

In what may be the saddest celebrity news of today, the remains of Yvette Vickers were found in her estate-mummified. The Los Angeles Times reports that the actress slash model could have been dead for as long as a year. Vickers, while an obscure star, did have some very dedicated fans, but she became reclusive, which may explain the sad circumstances surrounding her death.



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