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Kirstie Alley: Chelsea Kane Stole My DWTS Spotlight!

Posted by on May 2, 2011 at 7:37 PM EST

kirstie alleyHas Kirstie Alley been outshined by Chelsea Kane on Dancing with the Stars 2011?

With Chelsea Kane and Kirstie Alley, Dancing with the Stars has two dancers that are almost polar opposites.  One is an entertainment industry veteran who is dancing like someone much younger than her real age and one is just starting out in the business and dancing like a seasoned pro.

It is pretty clear to me, and I think most people watching, that Chelsea Kane is the breakout star of this season of DWTS. When the cast was announced I had no idea who she was. Perhaps families with kids that watch the Disney Channel might have known her, but she was pretty unknown to the public at large and for the first few weeks she didn’t do much to distinguish herself from the pack. Then in Week 3 she caught fire. Her score put her near the top of the leaderboard and she has never looked back. All at once she became this season’s sexy girl, but she also kept that sweet girl next door charm and seemed to really be having fun. Add in her partner Mark Ballas and the creative routines he comes up with and Chelsea Kane is now a cute little blond haired Dacning With The Stars powerhouse.

Kirstie Alley shocked everyone at the beginning of the season. Nobody knew what to expect from the 60 year old actress and she really brought it with a high energy performance. Sadly, that seemed like it was her best dance and she has been struggling since. After a fall, a lost shoe and a few subpar weeks she has been in danger of going home. Her score was more in the middle of the pack last week than it had been the previous weeks, but even with that improvement it is starting to look like her body just can’t handle the level of dancing it is going to take for her to go much further into this competition.

Maybe Kirstie has another surprise lined up for us and knocks out another stellar dance this week to light up the scoreboard. One thing is for sure. While Chelsea Kane is now dancing to solidify her spot the top, Kirstie Alley is dancing just to stay on the show. Tune in to DWTS tonight at 8PM to see it all go down.



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