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Catch Hawaii Five-O Remake Premiere Monday On CBS

Posted by on September 18, 2010 at 11:26 PM EST

hawaii five o premiere cbsHawaii-Five-O remake heads to CBS this fall.

The newest of the TV remakes, Hawaii Five-O premieres Monday, September 20th on CBS.  Hollywood has never been shy about remaking old movies and TV shows and in these times of reboots and seemingly endless remakes it appears to be happening more and more often.

The original Hawaii Five-O was a cultural phenomenon that ran from 1968 to 1980 and turned the theme music and the phrase “Book ’em Danno,” into household names. This reboot of the show stars Scott Caan as Danno and Alex O’Loughlin as Steve McGarrett. The two head up a special crime fighting unit that gets to play by their own rules. They don’t have to worry about red tape, they just get to focus on catching the island’s biggest and baddest criminals.

Along for the ride are Grace Park who plays recent police academy graduate Kono Kalakaua and Taryn Manning who plays McGarrett’s estranged sister Mary Ann who McGarret is trying to mend fences with while he also tries to solve the murder of their father.

Set in beautiful Hawaii, the show promises to have some gorgeous scenery. Producer Alex Kurtzman, who helped J.J Abrams reboot the Star Trek movie franchise and has worked on such hits as Alias and Fringe, brings some real credibility to the show. Kurtzman promises that Hawaii Five-O will take full advantage of their local and will leave no piece of the island unused.

While there is sure to be plenty of action and one-liners to make many fans happy, the real draw for this  show (at least to me) is the presence of Grace Park and Taryn Manning. Both are exceptional actresses. Park most recently starred as Boomer (and several cylons) in the hit show Battlestar Galactica. She has chops, charisma and a great presence. Not to mention she is gorgeous, the camera loves her and judging by the trailers for the show she spends plenty of time showing off her trim body in a bikini. Manning has long been underrated, but her star turning performance in Hustle and Flow as well as a memorable appearance in Sons of Anarchy show that she is a real talent. It remains to be seen how much she will be used as she is only credited with appearing in the pilot. I would assume if the show does well, she will be back.

While the theme song may evoke some of the over-the-top cheese of the original show, it looks like with this re-imagined Hawaii Five-O, Kurtzman has gone for a more gritty, tough show. Mix that action together with some great scenery, hot girls in bikinis and some good acting and Hawaii Five-O might just surprise some people.

Be sure to tune in as  Hawaii Five-O is set to premiere Monday, September 20th at 10/9c on CBS



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