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Justin Bieber Beat Up By Bully

Posted by on May 2, 2011 at 4:11 PM EST

justin bieberIs Justin Bieber the victim of bullying?

Recently, Justin Bieber had Casey Heynes come onstage at one of his concerts. Heynes, a 15 year old boy, is well-known for having stood up for himself against a bully in a YouTube video that went viral. Justin Bieber was impressed with how Casey stood up for himself, and he let Heynes speak into the mic to spread the message.

But is it possible that Justin Bieber is a victim of bullying as well?

“Bieber Fever” seems to have spawned the antithetical Justin Bieber “Backlash,” as disgusted teenagers have rejected Bieber’s G-rated Disney image, with some taking things a step too far. Justin Bieber certainly isn’t too popular in Australia, where in 2010 he had to cancel a Sydney-based show due to being a National Security risk. Now, Justin Bieber has faced further scorn…while performing in Australia, the 17-year-old was pelted from above with a storm of eggs.

Throwing eggs is definitely typical of “bully” behaviour, but what’s not so typical is having hordes of pre-teens screaming and vowing to lose their virginities to you…but fame shouldn’t incite Outback outrage, and I personally feel sorry for Justin Bieber, who managed to duck the onslaught of yolk.



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