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40 Year Old Virgin Star Shelley Malil Found Guilty Of Attempted Murder

Posted by on September 17, 2010 at 6:51 PM EST

shelley malil guilty40 Year Old Virgin star, Shelley Malil faces 16 years to life in prison for attempted murder.

Actor Shelley Malil, best known for his role in the hit The 40 Year Old Virgin, is going to jail for a very long time. After a short jury deliberation and the removal of one juror, he was convicted of attempted murder for stabbing his then girlfriend Kendra Beebe multiple times with a steak knife. Sentencing guidelines call for a sentence of 16 years to life.

The stabbing incident took place in August of 2008 when Malil found Beebe in her backyard with another man.  During the trial prosecutors argued that the stabbing stemmed from Shelley Malil being angry with  Kendra Beebe. The previous day they had an argument at the beach where Malil ended up stranding her. He then took personal items from her home, including marijuana. The following day he came back to her house and found her drinking wine with another man in the backyard. He attacked her and stabbed her over 20 times with two different knives, one of which he brought with him. Malil claims that he accidentally stabbed her because it was dark and he thought she was someone else coming to attack him.

As the verdict was read Kendra Beebe wept loudly. “There is no excuse for brutally stabbing anyone 23 times,” she told reporters outside the courtroom. Beebe suffered a punctured lung and wounds to her neck, chest, back, arms and legs in the stabbing. She has a permanent scar on her chin.  “Every day I look in the mirror and I see the scar on my chin and the scar on my neck. I will live with this for the rest of my life.

There is no word as to whether or not Shelley Malil plans to appeal the verdict. Sentencing is set for November 18th.



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