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Big Brother 12 Recap: And The Winner Is…

Posted by on September 17, 2010 at 4:39 PM EST

big brother 12Big Brother 12 aired its season finale on CBS and the winner is…

Big Brother 12 came to an end the other night on CBS. After months of living together, challenges, lies and deception, the household was down to its final three Big Brother contestants. All three of the final spots were held by the infamous Brigade which was made up of Lane, Enzo and Hayden so the only real suspense was which Brigade member would take home the money.

Hayden won the final Head of Household (HOH) competition ensuring himself a spot in the final two. After much debate he finally decided to evict Enzo. Enzo, as cocky and self assured as always, told Julie that he felt he played he best social game in the history of Big Brother.

Back at the jury house Britney catches up with the rest of the jury and finds out about Matt’s healthy wife. Enzo joins the jury, they ponder who to award the money to then face the final two contestants with a series of questions. Lane gave them straight forward, simple answers that almost seemed as if he were flashing back to the 6th grade and he was in trouble. Hayden tried his best to suck up to the jury, but came off as fake and trying too hard.

After the Q&A they take some time to find out what each cast member plans to do now that the show is over and they caught up on some of the rumors like finally telling the truth that the message that two of the house guests were life long friends was a lie. Julie told Britney she had won the America’s Choice award and the money that went along with it.

Finally, it was time to vote. After six votes it was tied. The final vote came down to Enzo who cast his vote for Hayden who was now the winner of Big Brother 12.

We wish Hayden the best of luck with the money that he just won from winning Big Brother 12 on CBS.

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