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Space Shuttle Endeavour: Final Launch, Liftoff Time

Posted by on April 29, 2011 at 11:15 AM EST

space shuttle endeavour launch timeWhat time is liftoff for the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s final launch?

At what time will the Space Shuttle Endeavour liftoff take place? If all goes well, the Space Shuttle launch time is scheduled for 3:47 EST today (April 29, 2011). NASA TV will be offering a live stream as usual so that everyone can witness the final mission as it happens live. What can stop the Space Shuttle Endeavour from launching on time?

Well, being that it has cleared final inspection, the only thing in question for the Space Shuttle Endeavour launch is the weather. Rain and heavy crosswinds could delay the official liftoff time but things are looking good as of right now. (11:07am EST) Hopefully the space shuttle launch goes off without a hitch as millions of Americans will be watching.

Below is a Space Shuttle Endeavour Launch live stream brought to you by NASA TV:



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