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Morning Robot: Space Shuttle Endeavour Launch, Royal Wedding Coverage

Posted by on April 29, 2011 at 10:48 AM EST

space shuttle endeavourToday the Space Shuttle Endeavour will launch its final mission and people are going bananas over the Royal Wedding coverage from earlier this morning.

Are you ready for the final Space Shuttle Endeavour launch? Despite all of the crazy Royal Wedding coverage that will be talked about all day, the space shuttle launch is still a big deal. Yeah sure, Prince William and Kate Middleton were married early this morning; who cares? It’s not like they are the future king and queen of America…I don’t get the big deal. Now, the final mission of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, that’s a big deal.

Now that the Royal Wedding is over, we can focus on another big event today. The final Space Shuttle Endeavour launch is set to take place at 3:47 EST from Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida. President Barack Obama is scheduled to make an appearance as well as Gabrielle Giffords.  Once again, everyone should tune in later today to watch the final liftoff of the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

You all still have a few hours remaining so you can go read up on all of your Royal Wedding coverage. Check out what Kate Middleton’s dress looked like, the arrival of both Kate and William and all of the other madness that went down early this morning.

Enjoy the Space Shuttle Endeavour launch live stream below:



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