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Survivor Nicaragua Recap: Jimmy Johnson Battles Young Blood On CBS

Posted by on September 17, 2010 at 4:09 PM EST

survivor nicaragua cbsThe new season of Survivor Nicaragua kicked off with a  bang and went on to show that even in its 21st season, the show still has some tricks up its sleeve, including Jimmy Johnson.

Survivor Nicaragua premiered with Jeff Probst returning as the host and all of the buzz regarding this season of Survivor was circulating around Jimmy Johnson.

At the outset of the show host Jeff Probst had the castaways divided into two groups. He talked briefly to them then told them there is a hidden Medallion of Power just down the beach from where they stand. Whoever finds it claims it for their tribe and it has great power in the new season of Survivor Nicaragua. After a quick scramble the Medallion is found. Probst then hit them with the real surprise. The groups they were in were not their tribes. He quickly divided them by age. Everyone over 40 in one tribe and everyone under 30 in the other. As Probst himself put it, this season it was wisdom Vs. enthusiasm.

The Medallion of Power now belonged to the young tribe. They chose to trade it for flint to make fire and fishing gear. Jeff Probst then gave the medallion to the old tribe and told them they can use it at challenges. Survivor Nicaragua was officially underway.

As the teams made their ways to their camps word quickly spread that one of the contestants in the older tribe is Jimmy Johnson. Johnson is the two time Super Bowl winning former coach of the Dallas Cowboys and now is an NFL analyst for ESPN. Most of the contestants seem to know who he is and a few of them were even a little star struck. As regular camp activities unfolded and the teams built shelter and set up camp, Johnson started to realize that he would have a target on his back. He worked hard around camp to fit in, but also made sure to start working on his relationships with his tribe.

At the first immunity challenge the teams had to use bamboo “gutters” to form a water pipeline. One member of each tribe poured water into the start of the man made line while the other members held the gutters in place. When a large bucket was filled it would drop, releasing a set of puzzle piece. The remaining three members of each tribe would then assemble the puzzle. It would take about five gallons of water to fill the bucket. Probst offered the older team the option of trading the medallion for a 1 gallon head start. The catch is that the medallion would then go to the younger tribe. They decided to keep the medallion and in a very close race they lost the challenge.

Back at camp Jimmy Johnson worked his coaching magic. He gave them a pep talk then told the tribe that there was no way any jury was going to give him a million dollars, but he could help one of them win a million. He knew he couldn’t win, he was ‘ there for the adventure,’ he told them. If they kept him around he would do everything he could to help one of them win. Some bought it, some didn’t, but it seemed to work as the tribe voted out chatterbox Wendy who probably sealed her fate with a last minute rambling monologue.

Some observations on the series premiere of Survivor Nicaragua on CBS. So far the tribes seem to be getting along, but the previews show that changing quickly. One of the women on the young tribe, Kelly B, has a leg that is amputated in the mid shin area. This is due to a birth defect so she uses a prosthetic leg. The women of the younger tribe are very hot with each being better looking than the next. Clearly someone in casting was looking for some eye candy to help balance out the abundance of older people on this season.

Survivor: Nicaragua started with a bang, it looks like it could stay interesting. We will have to wait and see how it all pans out.

Tune in next week when Survivor Nicaragua returns Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.



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