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American Idol 2011 – Haley Reinhart in Bottom Three?

Posted by on April 28, 2011 at 7:39 PM EST

haley reinhart resultsDo you think Haley Reinhart will join Jacob Lusk and Lauren Alaina in the bottom three tonight on American Idol?

Now that American Idol is down to the Top 6 it is fair to say that just about anyone could find themselves in the bottom three. This week, however, I think there are a few candidates (Haley Reinhart) that are more likely to end up there than others.

I have a feeling Jacob Lusk is headed back to the bottom three. He has been there a few times in the last few weeks and I saw nothing this week that should stop that from happening again. His outfit was crazy, his performance was like watching a spastic revival and as per normal his vocals were over the top. He has passed impressive and moved right on to annoying so I don’t see any reason he won’t return to the bottom three.

Joining him there, I feel, will likely be both the remaining girls, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart. I think this for two reasons. First off, they are girls and girls are an endangered species on American Idol. Haley has been to the bottom three a few times, but in her defense she has gotten much better in recent weeks. Still, I think the teen girls that do a lot of voting will vote for their favorite guys and leave the girls on the sideline. Secondly, because they are girls, they will need to do better than the guys just to tread water and I think this week that didn’t happen. I think the guys (minus Jacob Lusk) were better than Lauren and I think Haley was right on par with them.

Lauren Alaina had a shaky week this week. Her voice wasn’t as strong as it has been in past weeks and seeing a 16 year old sing a romantic song to an older guy was a little creepy. I have a feeling there are a lot of voters who were just waiting for her to drop the ball once to justify not voting for her and she may have given them that reason this week. James Durbin and Scotty McCreery were strong this week and both seem to have a lot of fans. Casey Abrams could end up in the bottom three, but I think people like him and enjoy his craziness. That Leaves Haley Reinhart the odd one out. That the judges keep talking about how good looking she is doesn’t help because it only fuels the jealousy of those who are crushing on the guys and no wanting the girls to move on. She has sung well in recent weeks, but she hasn’t been any better than some of the guys so the simple fact that she is a girl puts her at a disadvantage in the voting.

So in my eyes the bottom three will be Jacob Lusk, Lauren Alaina and Haley Reinhart and it will be Jacob’s time to leave the show.



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