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American Idol Results: Jacob Lusk, Lauren Alaina Voted Off

Posted by on April 28, 2011 at 7:43 PM EST

jacob lusk resultsWill Jacob Lusk or Lauren Alaina be voted off of American Idol tonight?

Periodically the producers of American Idol pick a theme for a week that is just not that great for the contestants. This week, Carole King Week, was one of those weeks. She has some well-known songs, but the style of the remaining singers weren’t the best for meshing with her songs. Some contestants fared worse (Jacob Lusk, Lauren Alaina) than others. Here are my picks for this week’s American Idol Losers.

Jacob Lusk has been visiting the bottom three in recent weeks and I get the feeling he felt he needed to pull off something big in order to stave off elimination this week. His version of “Oh No, Not My Baby” was everything you would expect from him. It was over the top, dramatic and a hot mess. Add in the crazy outfit he wore that made him look like a banker from a Tim Burton movie and the craziness was complete.

I’m starting to think the American Idol producers are just messing with Lauren Alaina. A few weeks ago she did a Miley Cyrus song. Jimmy Iovine tells her she is a better singer than Miley. Then last week he brings in Miley’s producers Rock Mafia to help make her uncomfortable and force her to focus. This week he actually brings in Miley herself. Supposedly Iovine regretted saying Lauren was a much better singer than Miley right after he said it and Miley’s legion of fans let him have it. This appearance was his way of saying he was sorry. Miley was sweet, took a little jab at Iovine and gave Lauren some decent advice. She was actually cute when she said that she liked hearing Lauren because now there was someone else that sounded like her when she talked. All the Miley Cyrus stuff aside, Iovine and Babyface encouraged Lauren to go for it and hit a high note. She tried and her voice cracked but the judges applauded her for having the guts to do it. During her performance of “Where You Lead” she pulled a guy up out of the audience and sang to him with some come hither looks. Afterwards Ryan Seacrest reminded us that Lauren is just 16 (it is easy to forget that when she sings). All in all she wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t her best and wasn’t as good as others were last night.

Of the Top 6 Lauren Alaina and Jacob Lusk are the two I feel did the worst last night. You can tune in tonight at 8PM on Fox to see if either of them gets sent packing as the next person voted out of American Idol.



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