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The Apprentice Recap: Season 10 Takes On The Recession On NBC

Posted by on September 17, 2010 at 2:04 PM EST

the apprenticeThe Apprentice Season 10 takes on the recession in this recap of last nights premiere on NBC.

Donald Trump and his hit television show, The Apprentice returned last night for its Season 10 premiere on NBC.

We last left Donald Trump when he hired Brett Michaels as his Celebrity Apprentice. With the premiere of The Apprentice Season 10, NBC and Trump tackle the current recession and have picked 16-candidates that have all fallen victim to the crumbling economy.

Immediately, in the boardroom last night, Donald Trump divides the teams into men vs. women. The men’s team, which consists of: Alex, Anand, Clint, Gene, David, James, Steuart and Wade chose to name their team Octane. Team Octane also picked Gene to be their first project manager of The Apprentice Season 10.

The girl’s team, which is made up of: Brandy, Kelly, Liza, Mahsa, Nicole, Poppy, Stephanie and Tyana chose to name their team Fortitude. For the ladies of Team Fortitude, Nicole volunteered to be their first project manager.

Now that we have our teams for The Apprentice Season 10 on NBC it is time to tackle the first task. Donald Trump who is accompanied by Ivanka Trump and Donald Jr. let’s the two teams know that they will need to design and build an ultra-modern workspace.

For the ladies of Team Fortitude, the cat-fights and clashing opinions immediately took over the task at hand. Tyana had a vision in her head and was not stopping until she got her way. The project manager Nicole quickly put her in her place.

Gene, who is the oldest of the bunch on Team Octane, had the idea of making their space a “green” workspace.

Despite the bickering and a lot of disagreements both teams of The Apprentice brought it together and developed two work-spaces. While they both looked pretty impressive, both of them had flaws.

After Donald Trump walked through the work-spaces of both Team Octane and Team Fortitude, he brought the candidates to the boardroom. What did the Donald think about the teams and their workspace?

He didn’t like either one of them! That is right folks, he said it was a “hard decision” because he did not like either one. Donald Trump then went on to say he did favor one over the other. I guess this boardroom will come down to who will be the winner of the losers.

Gene and the men of Team Octane pulled out a victory in last nights premiere episode of The Apprentice on NBC.

The women of Team Fortitude are now left in the boardroom, waiting to see who will be fired. Ultimately, Donald Trump looked at Nicole, who was the project manager and said: “You’re Fired!”

Tune in next Thursday, as The Apprentice Season 10 will return at 10/9c on NBC.



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