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Adam Lambert Accused Of Battery In Miami

Posted by on September 17, 2010 at 1:25 PM EST

adam lambertAdam Lambert, of American Idol fame,  is being accused of battery down on Miami Beach.

Former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert, who was vacationing in Miami Beach, had a little run in with a paparazzo. It turns out the glamour queen is not all sunshine and rainbows as he beat the shit out of a paparazzo on Miami Beach.

The Miami Beach Police Department picked up Adam Lambert after the alleged paparazzo victim filed a police report. In the report, which was acquired by TMZ, the victim states: “the subject (Adam Lambert) wrestled the victim (paparazzo) to the ground forcefully.

Later on in the report, it states, “the victim didn’t sustain any bruises or lacerations.” Which means the whiney paparazzo didn’t even get hurt in the altercation with Adam Lambert on Miami Beach. Yet he felt the need to file a police report, just to stir up a shit storm and play the poor victim.

While it is unclear if the detectives on the case will go forth and prosecutes Lambert, the singer seems to be back to his flamboyant self. Adam Lambert even went on to tweet about the incident with this post: “I lost my temper for a sec but wow it felt great lol MIAMI!!!”  It’s good to see that this minor altercation with the law has not put a damper on Lambert’s stint in Miami.

On a more serious note, if Adam Lambert is in fact convicted of the crime, he could face up to a year in jail and a fine of $1000.

I have to admit, if some random photographer started snapping pictures of me on the beach, I would want to kick his ass as well. After all, it is MIAMI BITCH!

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We wish Adam Lambert the best of luck in this legal debacle and his future success as a singer.



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