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Dancing With The Stars Finals: Hines Ward and Chelsea Kane Lead The Pack

Posted by on April 26, 2011 at 8:36 PM EST

hines ward week 6Hines Ward and Chelsea Kane will definitely be making it into the Dancing With The Stars 2011 finals.

It was a night of guilty pleasures last night on Dancing with the Stars. Not only did the stars dance to the songs that were guilty pleasures for them, a few of them seemed to let down their guard a little bit (Kendra) and show a little more of their personalities off (Hines Ward, Chelsea Kane). There were some dancers that did better than others. Here are last night’s DWTS winners.

Hines Ward continued to impress. During the rehearsal footage he showed how he likes to put the dance on paper like a football play so he can learn it and how he practices with his pillow around his apartment. His dance, The Viennese Waltz, to “End of the Road” was romantic and passionate andreminded us why he was one of the favorites to win the competition. With a score of 27 Hines ended the night in second place.

Chelsea Kane also put her best foot forward. We learned that Chelsea is not a very competitive person while her partner Mark Ballas is very competitive. He tried to bring out her competitive side with a water fight and it seemed to help. Despite Mark twisting his ankle badly during dress rehearsal right before the show the two did a high energy nerd inspired quickstep to “Walkin’ on Sunshine.” Chelsea was a beam of sun in a bright yellow dress. Their 28 tied them for first as they received the second perfect 10 of the season.

Who got the first perfect 10 of the season? It might shock you, but it was Romeo. His waltz to “My Heart Will Go On” was perfection. Carrie Ann even gushed that every now and then on the show magic happens and they just witnessed it. The dance was sweet, romantic and dramatic and even ended with a kiss. Afterward Romeo’s partner Chelsie Hightower said that kiss was not planned that he added that on the fly right then, but she didn’t seem too unhappy. Maybe there is something to the chemistry these two have. Romeo got the first 10 of the season and a score of 28 to tie him for first.

An honorable mention goes to Kendra Wilkinson who was funny during rehearsals as she cracked jokes about her boobs and shook everything she’s got during her Samba. She even got up on the table and nearly gave Len a heart attack. She got her best score of the season, but it also showed that she gets no respect from the judges as Bruno pronounced it was the return of the stripper and laid down asking for a lap dance.

Likely Hines Ward, Chelsea Kane and Romeo are all safe tonight. It would be a big shock if any of them went home tonight. As for Kendra, I’m not really sure. Tune in tonight at 8PM on ABC for a special two hour edition of DWTS and find out who gets sent home.



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