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Dancing With The Stars Results: Chris Jericho Elimination Predictions

Posted by on April 26, 2011 at 8:39 PM EST

chris jericho week 6Tonight I predict Chris Jericho or Kendra will be eliminated from the 2011 DWTS competition.

Tonight is a special 2-hour DWTS elimination show. There will be plenty of music and dancing and I’m sure we will also get our fill of commercials as I swear the results shows are 40% commercials. But that aside, the competition is heating up and there is no clear cut person who will get sent home tonight. I fear Chris Jericho or Kendra are in trouble, read below to find out why.

Among those who I feel could be in danger are: Kendra Wilkinson, Chris Jericho and Kirstie Alley. Ralph Macchio didn’t score very well, but it was because his partner fell. Had she not fallen his score would have been much higher and I think American still loves the Karate Kid and wants to see him continue.

Kendra Wilkinson has struggled throughout the competition. Last night’s Samba was her chance to shine. She wore a small dress and shook her goodies for all she was worth. It was fun to watch and she got her best score of the season, but she gets no respect from the judges and I have a feeling that reality may extend out to the public and the DWTS audience.

Chris Jericho was riding a wave of positive energy until this week when he crashed and burned. His tango was lukewarm at best and even he admitted it wasn’t very good. I have a feeling people like him and he seems like a genuinely good guy who wants to do well, but I have to wonder how many wrestling fans are watching.

Kirstie Alley is the slow motion dancer. It is kind of like she takes every step and does it one beat slower than everyone else. I understand she is 60 years old and not in the best shape, but this is a competition and when you see her and compare her to the top three dancers they are clearly in different time zones. She does have a lot of fans though which should help her out here.

In the end if the person eliminated tonight on Dancing with the Stars was anyone other than Kendra, Chris Jericho or Kirstie Alley I would be pretty shocked. My prediction is that Kirstie’s fans will pull her through as will Chris’s likability and even though she got her best score of the year this week Kendra Wilkinson will be sent home and Jimmy Kimmel will have her shoes burned.

Tune in tonight at 8PM on ABC to find out if my prediction is accurate and if Kendra is indeed voted out of DWTS.



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