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Carson Daly Hosts ‘The Voice’ Premier Tonight

Posted by on April 26, 2011 at 10:27 AM EST

carson daly the voiceWhat makes The Voice, hosted by Carson Daly, different from every other singing competition reality show?

“The Voice” is the newest addition to what seems to be growing number of talent type reality shows that are filling the airwaves. When American Idol became the megahit that it is it sent every other network scrambling to find something to compete with it. Since then we have seen dancing shows, singing shows, general talent shows and all kinds of specials. Now The Voice steps up to stake its claim as the newest hit show among this crowd.

What makes The Voice different? There are a few things that are different right from the start. For starters the judges are big stars. The judging panel is made up of Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and country star Blake Shelton. Those names alone will draw viewers. During the first round of auditions the judges will sit with their backs to the singer so they can only hear them and have no idea what they look like. If a judge likes what they hear they push a button, spin around and get their first look at the singer. That judge will then mentor that singer in the future rounds. If more than one judge pushes their button and spins around the singer gets to choose who they want as their judge. By the end of the auditions each of the judges will have eight singers to mentor.

The 32 singers that survive the first round of The Voice and now have a mentor will then move on to the battle rounds. There they compete against each other and one by one the coaches will eliminate the singers until only the best singers remain. Those singers move on to the live performance rounds. The viewers will then vote for who they want to save. Eventually each coach will be left with their best singer and those four will compete head to head in the finale to determine who is crowned the winner. The winner gets $100,000 and a recording contract.

Radio and TV host Carson Daly will host The Voice and producers have promised that there will be no horrible singers. They will not go for the comedy of the terrible singers that American Idol does. It is an interesting idea, but it could fall flat. As we found out on American idol having good judges helps. None of the judges on The Voice have any real experience carrying a TV show. They are going to be called upon to be the heart of the show while also teaching and mentoring the singers and acting as judges. If they fall flat, so will the show. They are all great singers, but that doesn’t mean they can carry a TV show.

It could be a very good show with some great talent and some interesting moments or it could be a hot mess. Tune into The Voice starting Tuesday night at 9PM on NBC to see how it all works out.



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