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Ralph Macchio: Final Three on Dancing With the Stars 2011

Posted by on April 25, 2011 at 7:43 PM EST

ralph macchio week 6Will Ralph Macchio make it to the final three on Dancing With The Stars or will Chris Jericho steal his spot?

If Ralph Macchio and Chris Jericho was a Dickens novel they would be a Tale of Two Dancers. One is the model of consistency while the other seems to have flashes of greatness, but has trouble sustaining it. This week’s performance on Dancing with the Stars probably won’t make or break either of them, but it could tell us a lot about which way they are headed.

Ralph Macchio shocked everyone in week 1. He seemed to have troubles during his rehearsals, but then hit the floor like a firestorm and got the top score of the week. Since then his DWTS journey has been uneven at best. One week he will be brilliant and have a great dance, the next week not so much. It seems like there are styles he is comfortable with and others where his nerves get the best of him. Ralph Macchio clearly has a lot of fans, but they can only carry him so far. He needs to put together a couple of consecutive good weeks if he wants to really contend for the trophy.

On the other hand we have Chris Jericho who has been the grinder of this season of DWTS. He started off the season in the middle of pack, but has slowly and surely made his way up the ranks culminating with last week’s tie for second place. Chris Jericho has brought the same work ethic and drive that has helped him carve out a very successful pro wrestling career to the dance floor and it is serving him well. You have to give his partner Cheryl Burke a lot of credit as well. Many of these dances are not really meant for a guy who is as big and muscular as Chris is and she has found a way to work with that and even make it an asset. If he keeps on this path, Chris might be a threat to win this thing.

You can see Chris Jericho and Ralph Macchio perform live tonight at 8PM on Dancing with the Stars. It is Guilty Pleasures week so they might pull out some pretty wild, crazy songs.



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