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Kirstie Alley versus Romeo

Posted by on April 25, 2011 at 7:37 PM EST

romeo week 6Tonight on DWTS, Kirstie Alley and Romeo will go head to head, live on week 6.

While neither Kirstie Alley nor Romeo has stirred up the amount of controversy or the heated emotion that Bristol Palin did last season, they have had their share of moment and are probably the two most controversial dancers on this season of Dancing with the Stars.

You could argue that Kirstie Alley was/is one of the biggest stars on this season of DWTS. She was on one of the biggest TV shows in history and has been in several movies and dozens of TV shows. She has also had a reality show and very public struggle with her weight. Her physical condition is what has caused most of the questions surrounding her on DWTS, but at first she put them to rest. Her dance in week one was very good and put her in second place. Since then a series of mishaps including a leg injury to her partner Maksim and a lost shoe as well as the rest of the competition catching up with her has caused her to drop back in the pack. Last week the judges said Kirstie Alley did one of her best dances of the season, yet she got the second lowest score of the night. Her popularity should help keep her around, but unless she finds that energy and fire from week one it may not be for long.

When Romeo came on DWTS his primary motivation was to regain his family name from infamy. His dad, Master P, to this day holds the record for the lowest scores on the show and for being the guy who clearly didn’t care. Romeo wanted to set that right and so far he seems to have done that.  He started off slowly, but once Romeo committed to the dancing and started trusting his partner Chelsie Hightower he has gotten better and better. Last week he was tied for second and got his best score of the season. He will need to continue to improve and drop some of the attitude he seems to have, but if he does that he could go a little ways in DWTS.

Tonight is Guilty Pleasures week on Dancing With The Stars. Tune in tonight at 8PM on ABC to see what songs Romeo and Kirstie Alley choose and see how well they dance.



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