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Floyd Mayweather Faces Jail Time with 8 Charges

Posted by on September 16, 2010 at 4:18 PM EST

floyd mayweather jrFloyd Mayweather faces up to 28 years in prison after he was just slapped with 8 charges.

The Floyd Mayweather saga continues. It was just announced that boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been charged with eight different crimes including robbery and domestic battery stemming from an incident last week involving his ex-girlfriend – and mother of three of his children – Josie Harris.

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Floyd Mayweather was first arrested on September 9th after Josie Harris called 911 and accused him of assaulting her and stealing her iPhone. She filed for a protection order with the Family Court of Nevada seeking protection from Mayweather. She claimed he had hit her, twisted her arm and threatened her. Floyd Mayweather was booked on grand larceny charges and released on a $3,000 bond. The state of Nevada requires grand larceny charges to be filed when an item that has a value of over $250 is stolen. At the time Mayweather’s lawyer denied all the charges and said the lost phone was simply a mistake.

As more information leaked, sources said that Mayweather’s anger at Harris stemmed from allegations that she was having an affair with Chicago Bulls star CJ Watson. Mayweather reportedly saw text messages on Joise Harris’ phone and asked her if she was having sex with Watson. She told him, “Yes, that is who I’m seeing now.” That information is what supposedly sent Mayweather into a rage. Harris reported that he punched her in the head, pulled her hair and twisted her arm while she yelled at the kids to call 911. Watson has denied the allegations of an affair saying that he and Harris’ relationship is strictly professional. He says she did some party planning for him and nothing more.

Today the rest of the charges came down. Floyd Mayweather was charged with two counts of coercion for threatening to beat his son if he called 911, grand larceny and robbery for taking his ex-girlfriend’s cell phone, three counts of harassment and one count of domestic battery.

The domestic battery charge is a misdemeanor, but barely. In the state of Nevada if you get three domestic battery charges during a seven year span the third is automatically considered a felony. Floyd Mayweather pleaded guilty to two domestic battery charges in 2002. Those charges are just old enough to not qualify in this case.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is due in court on November 9th to face these charges. He has not made a public statement about these new charges.



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