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Dancing With The Stars 2011 Finale Poll

Posted by on April 25, 2011 at 1:13 PM EST

dancing with the stars finaleWhich two Dancing With the Stars 2011 contestants will make it to the finale and who will win?

Who will make it to the Dancing With The Stars 2011 finale? With only seven contestants left in season 12, the end is certainly near. Based on what we have been seeing, who do you think will walk away with the Mirrorball Trophy?  I predict Chelsea Kane and either Hines Ward or Ralph Macchio as the final two. These three have been pretty consistent and out of the remaining DWTS contestants they have the biggest fan base.

Why do I think Chelsea Kane can win Dancing With The Stars? She is clearly the hottest contestant remaining and has skill on the dance floor as well. I think that with her Disney fans and the vote of every guy in America who secretly watches DWTS, Chelsea will win. She definitely has a tough fight ahead of her as Hines Ward and Ralph Macchio are also gunning for the win.

Kendra and Romeo are further than I expected and I am sure their steam will run out in the next couple of weeks. Somehow I think Kirstie Alley will make it to the final four just because she is so awful that she’s entertaining. As for Chris Jericho, I think he is in the same boat as Romeo and Kendra, he just doesn’t have the fan base that the other remaining DWTS contestants have.

Enough of my predictions; who do you all think will win Dancing With the Stars 2011?

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