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Stefano Langone: The Bitter Idol

Posted by on April 22, 2011 at 6:11 PM EST

stefano langone idolStefano Langone is quite bitter after being eliminated from American Idol last night.

Why is Stefano Langone bitter? When most contestants are voted off of American Idol they show some emotion at the moment, but then compose themselves and fade into the background. They gracefully bow out and leave the spotlight to those who are left in competition. When the show is over and a new winner is crowned they then start to surface again. Some of them go on the American Idol tour. Others get record deals and try to make it in the music business or to go Broadway. But most do it with class. They acknowledge that they gave it their all and were proud of what they did on stage.

Apparently, Stefano Langone isn’t one of those people. While it was no shock to anyone in the building (and I’m assuming him as well) Stefano was back in the bottom three this week and this time his luck ran out. He seemed upset, but also looked like he was going to punch someone.

Today, now little more than 12 hours removed from elimination, Stefano Langone says he never wanted to win Idol. He claims he tried out for the show in hopes of just using it to get his foot in the door of the music industry, but that he never really wanted to be the American Idol;  then, why all the worrying about your performances while on the show? Why take the judges advice and try so hard? Why tell people you want to win and act like you do if you really don’t? He could have easily just gone out there and done his own thing, but he listened and acted like a guy who wanted to win.

Stefano Langone now says he never had a chance to show off his chops and that he purposely didn’t showcase any of his original music or his ability to play the piano beaus he was saving that for rest of the world and the future.

Langone now says he wants to build a career for himself that combines the singing style of Stevie Wonder and Bruno Mars while also collaborating with rap artists. “I am going in a different direction than any other American Idol really has. There is a wide open crowd and market out there now and I am ready to pounce on it,” Langone says.  He goes on to say that when he is off the show he going to show the world what kind of impact he can make.

To me it all sounds like sour grapes. He really looked like a guy who wanted to win and now that he is out he is playing the “I never wanted to be with you in the first place” card that you throw out there just after someone breaks up with you. Can he have a successful career? Anything is possible, but he has a long road ahead of him and there are other contestants still on the show that appear to be far more talented than he is. Chances are Stefano Langone will be back doing whatever it was he did before American Idol not too long after the American Idol tour and his record release party have ended.



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