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Official Royal Wedding Guest List

Posted by on April 22, 2011 at 4:57 PM EST

royal wedding guest listAre you one of those lucky enough to be on the Royal Wedding guest list?

Did you get your invite?  The Royal Wedding is only a week away.  You have to get a gift, buy something to wear, and travel to Westminster Abbey in London!  Well, if you didn’t get your invite, than just think how much time and money you’ll be saving by watching it on television that millions of others will be doing.

There has been a newly revealed guest list for the royal wedding and it includes royals (of course), dignitaries, and some celebrities! Count on the Queen’s portion of the list to include the royalty.  Prince Albert of Monaco, who is the son of the late screen legend Grace Kelly and her husband Prince Rainier III.  Royalty from Norway, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Swaziland, Bahrain, and Spain will be in attendance.  (They all are presumably related in some fashion – which is kind of weird, but a whole other article!)  One of the world’s richest men will be in attendance as well.  I wonder what the Sultan of Brunei will be giving the happy couple for a gift.  A gift certificate to Bed, Bath, and Beyond?  I don’t think so!

British political officials will also be there.  Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha were invited.  And let’s not forget family.  After all, who can get away with not inviting family to a wedding?  Nieces and nephews of the Late Lady Diana will be in attendance, her brother Earl Spencer and his daughters Lady Kitty Spencer, Lady Amelia Spencer and Lady Eliza Spencer.

What celebrities will be there?  You will certainly see Prince Williams’s friend David Beckham and his wife Victoria.  Celebutante and socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson will also be there.  Holly Branson, Sir Richard Branson’s daughter, will also be there.

Not a celebrity, politician or a royal?  No worries.  If you are the Kate Middleton’s yoga teacher and horse breeder, you’ll be sure to get an invite.  Gregory Allen, yoga teacher, and Tim Billington, horse breeder, will be attending.



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