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Kate Middleton versus Tradition

Posted by on April 22, 2011 at 11:42 AM EST

kate middleton 2011Will Kate Middleton “obey” tradition at the 2011 Royal Wedding?

With Beyonce’s girl power lyrics, Rihanna’s sexualized performances, and Selena Gomez’s chastity, our pop culture world is confusing when it comes to feminism. The issue of whether or not a woman should say “obey” in vows is now something that is somewhat controversial from a feminist standpoint. The issue is so interesting that people are actually placing bets on whether or not Kate Middleton will use the term in her Royal Wedding vows!

According to online gambling site Bodog, which has been conducting a range of bets concerning the Royal Wedding, the odds of Kate Middleton using the term “obey” in her vows is 7/5, while the odds of her boycotting the term are 8/15. Back when Lady Diana married Prince Charles in 1981, she did NOT use the term obey; Princess Di instead opted to “love” and “cherish” him.

In 2006, the Archbishops’ Council released a statement that reads “A promise to obey was in the past part of different standards and expectations of women and men within marriage, for example the fact that women had no standing in law until 1926.” Still, despite Princess Diana’s decision, there have been several members of royalty who stood by the traditional term, including Sarah Ferguson (upon marrying Prince Andrew) and Sophie Rhys-Jones (when she married Prince Edward). What are your thoughts? Will Kate Middleton “obey” or “rebel” against tradition?



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