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Top Chef Recap: The DC Finale Crowns Kevin Sbraga Winner

Posted by on September 16, 2010 at 12:12 PM EST

top chef winner kevinRecap the Top Chef DC Finale was last night, and Kevin Sbraga is the winner, and your new Top Chef.

For Angelo Sosa, Ed Cotton and Kevin Sbraga, the Top Chef DC season finale last night on Bravo was the Elimination Challenge of their lives. It had the three chefs battling it out in Singapore for the title of Top Chef and the winner of $125,000.

Angelo Sosa, who despite a little speed bump mid-season, was the front-runner going in to last nights Top Chef finale. However, for Angelo, winning the title of Top Chef in Singapore was not going to be easy. Plagued with some crazy sickness he picked up abroad, Angelo Sosa would miss out on the first day of planning and prep for the final Elimination Challenge. Luckily Angelo has former Top Chef contestant Hung Hyunh as his sous chef and got everything accomplished via telephone.

Ed Cotton, who had Ilan Hall as his sous chef was quite particular about how he wanted things done for the Top Chef DC finale meal prep. It seemed like Ed and Ilan did not really get along and could quite possibly spell disaster for the aspiring cheftestant. The team managed to get all of the prep done and Ed Cotton had his eyes set on the prize.

Kevin Sbraga was lucky enough to get last year’s winner of Top Chef, Mike Voltaggio as his sous chef. While Kevin should not have even been in the finale to begin with, Mike and him managed to complete all of their prep for the Top Chef DC final Elimination Challenge.

Preparation day went well for the final 3 contestants of Top Chef DC and the day they had been waiting for all season was finally upon them. It is now make it or break it for the final three.

Angelo Sosa was cleared for cooking on the day of the finale and headed in with a look of determination on his face. Angelo expressed how grateful he was to have Hung as his sous chef and cooks his heart out in the kitchen for the Top Chef DC finale. Was it enough to impress the judges and win him the title of Top Chef?

Ed Cotton, worried that since Angelo is feeling healthy enough to compete in the finale, he has to step his game up. Did Ed Cotton deliver his best meal to the judges or did he over think things?

Kevin Sbraga, who has reminded us a number of times that winning Top Chef DC, would mean the world to him. For Kevin does not have a stable career as a chef like the other two contestants fighting for the grand prize. Did Kevin Sbraga pull off the biggest upset in the history of Top Chef and win last night on Bravo?

Eric Ripert, Tom Colicchio, joined Padma Lakshmi and Gail Simmons at the judges table in last nights Top Chef DC finale. After tasting the final three contestants food, the judges reached a unanimous decision. That is right, I said unanimous.

The winner to Top Chef DC is… Kevin Sbraga! That’s right folks, Kevin just pulled off the biggest upset in Top Chef history and somehow beat out Ed Cotton and Angelo Sosa for the title of Top Chef.

Congratulations are in order for the winner, Kevin Sbraga, we wish you the best of luck with your career as a Top Chef.



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