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American Idol 2011 Finale Poll

Posted by on April 22, 2011 at 10:01 AM EST

american idol finaleWhich two American Idol 2011 contestants will make it to the finale and who will win?

Who will make it to the American Idol 2011 finale? With only six contestants left in season 10, the end is certainly near. Based on what we have been seeing, who do you think will be deemed the winner of American Idol?  I predict Casey Abrams and either Lauren Alaina or James Durbin as the final two. All of the contestants will surely have careers after Idol but if I had to choose a winner, I pick Casey Abrams.

Why do I think Casey Abrams can win American Idol? The kid has raw talent and is so versatile, he can sing just about anything you throw at him, except Nirvana. Jacob Lusk will not win and I don’t think Haley Reinhart has the backing to make it to the finale even though I love her. Scotty McCreery will definitely be in the final four and he will be my “wildcard” to win American Idol 2011.

I personally can’t stand Adam Lambert James Durbin and his screaming but people seem to like him. Here’s to hoping he does NOT win American Idol. I’d be fine with Lauren Alaina being the winner as we have all seen how talented she is and she has so much potential to be a great artist; the next Carrie Underwood?

Enough of my predictions; who do you all think will win American Idol 2011?

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  1. sir, you are a genius. i finally found an article about american idol that is sane. CASEY ROCKS!!!

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